Cheerful Minstrel

Rare is the Hobbit that leaves the Shire, but there is talk of Hobbit-lads and -lasses being led off into the Blue by the wizard Gandalf. No doubt most of these have Took ancestry!

This particular Hobbit-lass is attired for a journey, perhaps to visit distant relations in the village of Bree, or perhaps something even more adventurous. She wears cheerful and practical garb, including a woolen scarf to keep warm on chill autumn evenings. Her gloves are of a supple leather, so that she can play her harp without impediment. On her back she carries a pack containing her pots and pans, cooking utensils, and ingredients for the meals she will cook along the way. Coming across a white feather along the road, she has stuck it in her jaunty cap. Finally, one can never be too careful when crossing into the lands beyond the Brandywine, so she has brought a shield to ward her from harm.

I wanted to create an outfit a Hobbit minstrel might wear when travelling abroad. My goals were for it to be colourful, fun, a bit cute, and unmistakably Hobbit-ish in character. The Shield of the Eglan-mender was really inspirational in putting this outfit together; I loved the red colour the moment I first got it. I really do hope we get cosmetic shields and weapons in the near future.

  • Head: Shabby Cap (quest reward — Yule festival [10] Self-sacrifice: Support the Poor), red
  • Shoulders: Yule Scarf (bartered — Winter-home Yule festival quartermaster/cosmetic clothing), crimson
  • Back: Cook’s Trappings (purchased — LOTRO Store; or bartered — skirmish camp cosmetics quartermaster/cosmetic items), navy
  • Chest: Everstout (looted — world drop/level 48), Evendim blue
  • Hands: Elven Leather Gloves (looted — world drop; or purchased — Rivendell light armour vendor), red
  • Legs: Dwarf-make Campaigner’s Leggings (crafted — tailor T5), Evendim blue
  • Shield: Shield of the Eglan-mender (bartered — Agamaur Eglain barterer)

Tips: If you can’t find Everstout (or the similarly-skinned Wolfpelt Jacket), the Jacket of Fém (quest reward — Angmar [43] Crannog’s Fifth Challenge) or the Jacket of the Sun-lands (looted — level 50 world drop) make excellent alternatives. Many of the Dunland quest rewards hats would make a suitable alternative for the Shabby Cap, as would the Extravagant Festival Cap (quest reward — Yule festival [10] Gain and Glory: Assist the Rich). The shield used in this outfit is usable by Minstrels and Captains.

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