The Rook of Esteldín

The Rangers of the North, Dúnedain able to trace their lineage back to the Men of the kingdom of Arnor, were few in number and secretive. Living in small wandering bands under the rule of a hereditary Chieftain, they covertly protected the lands of Eriador — particularly the Shire and the Bree-land — for many years after the fall of Arnor and her successor-kingdoms. When the Grey Company was formed and rode to Aragorn at the beginning of the War of the Ring, some Rangers may have remained behind to defend Eriador, but perhaps it may have fallen to their womenfolk to do so.

This Ranger-woman has taken on such a role, though the Middle-men of the Kingsfell she strives to protect look upon her with mistrust and suspicion, calling her “outlaw”, “burglar”, and “the Rook of Esteldín”, both for her distinctive attire and her alleged avarice for all that glitters. In truth, not all outlaws are dishonourable, and she fights tirelessly to defend the scattered homesteads of the North Downs. She wears a helm and cloak decorated with the feathers of a rook, and rugged leathers tinted black and grey to allow her to go about the twilight unseen by unfriendly eyes. Her vambraces are an heirloom of fallen Arnor made in the style of Westernesse, hinting at her noble ancestry.

I put this outfit together after noticing that the feather on the helm closely matched the colour of the feathers on the cloak. I think finding unexpected matches like this and then trying to make them work is the most enjoyable and rewarding part of outfitting, especially if it allows you to use a piece that’s uncommon or simply awkward and so not usually worn by many people. Even better if it helps tell a story about your character.

  • Head: Sukdyr’s Fall (quest reward — Misty Mountains [43] Towering Champions), black
  • Shoulders: Saeradan’s Shoulder Guards (quest reward — Bree-land [15] Sharkey’s Plan), black
  • Back: Cloak of the Raven (bartered — Harvestmath festival trader/cosmetic clothing), black
  • Chest: Campaigner’s Armour (crafted — tailor T5; or purchased — Esteldín medium armour vendor; or looted — world drop/general), black
  • Hands: Westernesse Leather Gauntlets of Fleetness (looted — world drop/general), black
  • Legs:  Guardsman’s Light Leggings of Adlan (bartered — skirmish camp light armour quartermaster/level 53), black
  • Feet: Shoes of Fém (quest reward — Angmar [43] Crannog’s Challenge), sienna

Tips: Sukdyr’s Fall is the only helm I know of with this particular skin, but it is possible that there may be world drop versions of it as well. Shoulders with the same appearance as the ones in this outfit can also be found as world drops. The leggings in this outfit have the same appearance as Elladan’s Leggings (quest reward — epic [38] Volume 1, Book 4, Chapter 2: The Missing Rider).

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3 Responses to The Rook of Esteldín

  1. Freyjuska says:

    very good outfit, and i’ve never seen this helm before! thanks for showing it 🙂

  2. lotrosavvy says:

    Great combo with the helm and cloak, really loving those two together 🙂

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