Merry Wood-elf

The Elves are often thought of as a noble and serious folk, but in The Hobbit, when the company arrives in Rivendell, we meet some very merry, lighthearted Elves. They greet Thorin and Co. with a good deal of silly singing, a portion of which is:

O! What are you doing,
And where are you going?
Your ponies need shoeing!
The river is flowing!
O! tra-la-la-lally
here down in the valley!

The Hobbit, “A Short Rest”

They were probably Silvan Elves, also known as Wood-elves, perhaps visitors to Rivendell, and they seem to be much more jolly than their high-minded Noldorin and Sindarin cousins. One could sometimes meet Wood-elves in the evening, even in the Woody End of the Shire. And, as Bilbo noted, their singing is not to be missed, in June under the stars.

This merry Wood-elf sings and dances on a warm afternoon in the Woody End, to the delight of any Hobbits who may stumble upon his camp. His clothing is colourful and fancifully styled, and his elaborate mantle is clasped with a golden leaf-pin. A similar ornament adorns his hair. His light shoes, complete with upturned toes, are just the thing for dancing to a lively tune, and of course he carries a lute to accompany his vocals.

I was inspired to create this outfit by the shoes. I have to say that I love the “pointy elven shoes”, and the colours in this particular pair were so interesting that I knew an outfit would form around them! Throw in a few whimsical pieces of elf-style clothing (including one of the most oddly-coloured chest pieces in the game) and you have the makings of a merry elven minstrel!

  • Shoulders: Songmaster’s Shoulders (bartered — Ost Galadh Minstrel trainer), violet
  • Chest: Elven Skirmisher’s Armour (crafted — tailor T4; or purchased — Rivendell medium armour vendor; or looted — world drop/general), rust
  • Hands: Elven Cotton Gloves (crafted — tailor T3; or purchased — Rivendell light armour vendor; or looted — world drop/general), violet
  • Legs: Ceremonial Leggings of the Poet’s Heart (bartered — skirmish camp cosmetics quartermaster/Moria cosmetic clothing – light), violet
  • Feet: Ceremonial Shoes of the Poet’s Heart (bartered — skirmish camp cosmetics quartermaster/Moria cosmetic clothing – light), default

Tips: The shoulders in this outfit have the same appearance as the Shoulders of the Lady’s Grace (bartered — Caras Galadhon Minstrel trainer). If you wanted to add an appropriate hat, the Songmaster’s Hat (bartered — Ost Galadh Minstrel trainer) would be a natural fit, or you could try something funny like the Riddle-master’s Hat (quest reward — Trollshaws [36] The Riddle-finder). The leggings  and shoes share the same appearance as the ones from the Lothlórien light armour set (crafted — tailor T6/Galadhrim reputation), as well as the ones from the other level 60 Mines of Moria instance cluster light armour sets.

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10 Responses to Merry Wood-elf

  1. Fionnuala says:

    I enjoy all your lore based posts. But I wouldn’t say those Elves were necessarily Silvan. In fact, I would think that is unlikely. Rivendell should mostly be populated by Noldorin and Sindarin Elves. But I think that just goes to show that the Elves aren’t really all that serious naturally. We just normally see them when they’re in the middle of a war.

    • Fair enough, Rivendell certainly would have had many Noldorin and Sindarin residents. That the jolly elves in The Hobbit were part of a small, more rustic Silvan population of Rivendell was always my interpretation but you make a good point about the war. And we certainly do see that Gildor’s band, who are Noldor, are a bit more irreverant (“hobbits are so dull!”) than, say, Elrond. 🙂

  2. Kedwyr says:

    I like the colors a lot. I felt you matched each piece really well together. Very nice outfit 🙂

  3. Baranwen says:

    Just charming! I love how the boots and the chest combine. And the last pic is so whimsical. You really know how to capture the spirit of the character in a picture.

    • Thanks Baranwen! 🙂

      I really like the small improvements Turbine made to the facial expressions from the /mood emotes. Mostly the mouths look a lot better when open now! It makes it easier to get some personality into the screenshots.

  4. I’ve always loved those shoulders (and the hat that goes with them). Currently leveling a minstrel and headed straight for those pieces when she’s high enough level.

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