Sandson’s Egg-runner

A box without hinges, key or lid
Yet inside a golden treasure is hid.

The Hobbit, “Riddles in the Dark”

The answer to this well-known riddle is, of course, an egg! Hobbits love their breakfast(s), and Bilbo reported thinking often of bacon and eggs during his adventure. Farmer Sandson of the Shire is known for the fine eggs produced by his hens, perfect any style as a snack or served as part of a complete hobbit breakfast.

This young lass is one of Sandson’s farm-hands and holds the special position of “egg-runner”. Each morning she gathers the hens’ freshly-laid eggs, inspects their beautiful brown shells for any imperfections, and then carefully packs the best of the lot in a soft leather satchel for prompt delivery to smials of customers in the Michel Delving area. Sandson promises that his eggs are always on time for (first) breakfast, always fresh, and never broken. Hobbits throughout the Westfarthing recognize the farm’s special crest on the egg-runner’s feather-trimmed cloak: a basket of eggs and a rooster rampant!

Of course this outfit was built around the adorable cloak. I had noticed that the interesting default colour of the cloak (which is undyeable) matched quite well with the beloved two-feathered bounder’s cap when dyed yellow, of all things! When I saw how well these went with the default colour of the summer tunic, the completely fabricated position of Sandson’s egg-runner was born — and an outfit that’s light on lore but bursting with flavour!

  • Head: Bounder Shirriff’s Cap (quest reward — Shire [10] A Bounder of Great Merit), yellow
  • Shoulders: Cae-palvais (looted — Rise of Isengard instance cluster), burgundy
  • Back: Cloak of the Cluck (quest reward — chicken session play [6] Running to Wald), default
  • Chest: Long-sleeved Summer Tunic and Pants (bartered — Lithe festival summer rewards vendor/cosmetic rewards), default
  • Device: Prized Mailbag (purchased — Mathom-house reputation vendor/Mathom Society reputation)

Tips: If you don’t have access to the double-feathered Shirriff’s cap, hats with the same skin (except that they have only one feather) are a common world drop and vendor item. The two-feather vesion can also be obtained as the Rockclimber’s Hat (crafted — tailor T6).

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2 Responses to Sandson’s Egg-runner

  1. Super outfit, and so lovely that you have the cloak! I also like the setting of the screenshots. The images look very real and joyful. Well done!

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