The Hobbitry-in-arms was the militia of the Shire, most recently mustered to fight the Battle of the Greenfields in IIIA 2747 — almost three hundred years before the War of the Ring. Nevertheless, the militia was maintained, under the command of the Thain, into the last days of the Third Age (and possibly beyond). It may be that some of the Hobbits who fought at the Battle of Bywater after the destruction of the Ring were members of the Hobbitry-in-arms. Few weapons were to be found in the Shire late in the Third Age; what few remained were displayed as trophies on walls, or at the Mathom House, and therefore the Hobbitry-in-arms probably equipped themselves with simple weapons like clubs, staves, bows, and slings, or farming tools like pitchforks, billhooks, shovels, sickles, threshing flails, and scythes.

Here we have a member of the Hobbitry-in-arms, called from his simple life of farming to defend the Shire against an incursion of ruffians. He wears no ironmongery, save his kettle helmet, which perhaps is an hierloom of his family (or perhaps simply was made out of a kettle!). A leather waistcoat worn over his homespun plaid shirt affords him some measure of protection. His wife has sewn leather pads over the elbows of his sleeves so that she will not have to darn any holes after the battle. Having no other weapons available, he has armed himself with a pitchfork used on his farm. He may look a comical sight, but Hobbits have a spark of courage that can kindle to fierce flame when push comes to shove.

I came across my old Mathom Society pitchfork while going through my vault and decided I wanted to use it in an outfit. It would be so great if someday we get a cosmetic weapon system similar to our cosmetic armour system. Imagine being able to display the exact weapon appearance you need to fit your outfit, or being able to display implements like this pitchfork in place of your regularly equipped weapon. Also highly desireable would be the ability to choose to hide weapons and shields when out of combat — I hate having to remove my weapons and shields when I want to display my “town” or “crafting” outfits. Of course there would be a lot to take into consideration for a cosmetic weapon system to work, but I’ll keep hoping!

  • Head: Bronze Helm (crafted — metalsmth T1; or looted — world drop/general), gold
  • Shoulders: Cae-palvais (looted — Rise of Isengard instance cluster), yellow
  • Chest: Thatcher’s Shirt (bartered — skirmish camp cosmetics quartermaster/cosmetic clothing), gold
  • Legs: Rhuvel-socas (looted — Pits of Isengard/Ironarm), umber
  • Implement: Pitchfork (purchased — Mathom-house reputation vendor/Mathom Society reputation)

Tips: The pitchfork can be purchased at the Mathom-house in Michel Delving once you have reached friend standing with the Mathom Society. The Mathom Society also offers a shovel that would be a great alternative to the pitchfork. Additionally, you can get a Long-handled Shovel from the cosmetics barterer at skirmish camps. Interestingly, the Long-handled Shovel works a little differently than the Mathom Society implements. The skirmish camp shovel has a cosmetic border on its icon (rather than a barter border) and it is displayed in your character’s hand even out of combat (like fishing rods are). By contrast, the Mathom Society implements function like weapons, and are stowed on your back or at your belt when not in combat.

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4 Responses to Hobbitry-in-Arms

  1. DarkJackal says:

    Not comical at all. I would not push him into using that pitchfork! There is no more fierce a foe than he who defends his home.

  2. lotrosavvy says:

    Wonderful screenshots and colours, I especially love the pitchfork idea.

  3. What a great hobbit outfit. He seems so real! You know a kinship beat Samborg on lvl 65 once with frying pans and pitchforks from the Mathom Society? Those things are mean weapons! 🙂

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