Boastful Hearth-companion

In heroic northern culture and mythology, kings and lords were served by thanes, retainers or henchmen who served their masters at his hearth, in the country, or on his adventures. As reward for his service, a thane was given a share of the treasure obtained in his lord’s battles and conquests. The treasure often included golden rings, bracers, armbands, and circlets which symbolically bound the thane and his master; thus a king was also called a “ring-giver”, and a good king was a generous king. In Middle-earth, the Men of Dale and of Rohan are prime candidates to have thane-like roles in their cultures, as are the northern Dwarves, who were closely associated with the Men of Dale. Indeed, in The Hobbit, Thorin’s twelve companions could certainly be seen as thanes or hearth-companions.

Here we see a hearth-companion of a respected and generous Dwarf-lord. After a successful adventure, he has returned to the hall of his lord to enjoy a well-deserved pipe and pint and to boast of their exploits and of the riches they won. His lord has lavishly rewarded his service with much gold over the years, and his status is evident from his rich clothing: an elaborately patterned hauberk and matching cloak, and a mantle of luxurious crown sable. Even his boots are trimmed with the whitest fox-fur. But the greatest gift bestowed upon him by his lord rests upon his head: a golden circlet set with polished chalcedony.

As recently reported by A Casual Stroll to MordorCosmetic LOTRO, LOTRO Stylist, and LOTRO Fashion, several new Yule festival cosmetics were added to the game with patch 5.1. Right away the Brisk Yule Cloak reminded me of the Dwarf-make Hauberk, which has been in the game for quite some time — in fact since the cosmetic system was added to the game. I knew I had to pair them in an outfit and I’m really pleased with the result!

  • Head: Ceremonial Circlet of Seven Stars (bartered — skirmish camp cosmetics quartermaster/Annúminas cosmetic clothing), navy
  • Shoulders: Calendard War Pauldrons (crafted — metalsmith T7), default
  • Back: Brisk Yule Cloak (bartered — Yule festival barter vendor/cosmetic cloaks), gold
  • Chest: Dwarf-make Hauberk (purchased — Thorin’s Hall outfit vendor), navy
  • Hands: Westfold Campaign Gloves (crafted — tailor T7), navy
  • Feet: Ceremonial Ajokoira Shoes (crafted — tailor T5/Lossoth reputation), sienna

Tips: The Ceremonial Circlet of Seven Stars is the cosmetic version of the circlet from the light Annúminas armour set. It shares its skin with the Dwarf-make Circlet (looted — anniversary event/Lavish Gift Box) which was available in the past by bartering anniversary tokens (the type that drop from monsters) with the Keeper of Gifts vendors for gift boxes. I can’t recall whether these were available at the last anniversary event, but they may be available again this April. Note however, that the Dwarf-make Circlet cannot be dyed.

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6 Responses to Boastful Hearth-companion

  1. Elenluin says:

    I always enjoy the stories you post with the outfits, they are as great as the outfits and compliment them nicely.

  2. I love your dwarves. You are very good with dwarven outfits. I like how you matched that cloak to the hauberk. Well done!

  3. lotrosavvy says:

    oo perfect colouring with the Hauberk and Cloak, wonderful 😀 Yet another great combination.

  4. Baranwen says:

    You know, when I saw that cloack I also thought it had a dwarven style. I dint know exactly why. But I cover my new dwarf-lady with it. It just seemed right. And I think it goes very well with that hauberk. Thorin’s outfiter has the most unique items!

  5. DarkJackal says:

    Very good match of the cloak and hauberk! And a great history to match!

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