The Elves were a curious, intelligent, and inventive people, skilled in language, art, and the act of sub-creation. Possessing physical immortality, Elves were able to devote centuries or milennia to the pursuit of learning crafts or lore.

While this Elf looks young, as if in the spring of adulthood, he has seen the the leaves fall many hundreds of times. Devoted to learning the ancient histories and tongues, he is among the lore-masters of his people. Today, he has journeyed to the refuge of Duillond to visit the scholar’s enclave, and there to peruse the carefully preserved records of elder days.  His garments are flowing and comfortable, as befits a scholar: layered silken robes of indigo and sea blue are cinched with a wide girdle pinned with an intricate silver brooch. Over these he wears a heavier surcote of soft dove-grey embroidered in shades of aquamarine and bright green, and a cloak in complementary hues. Upon his brow rests a delicate circlet set with polished azure.

I love this elven robe for its bright, unusual (some might say gaudy) colours. It looks great dyed so many different colours and is quite easy to pair with other items since it has so many different undyeable sections. You can pick one or two of those colours and then build an outfit from there, which I’ve done here with purple and sea blue.

Today’s pictures are the result of an expirment in taking screenshots using software called Fraps. Devonna of the LOTRO Stylist blog recently posted a superb guide to taking quality screenshots. (I highly recommend checking it out if you are curious about how to optimize your screenshots.) One of Devonna’s tips was to use Fraps to capture the screens in order to reduce loss of quality. I decided to give Fraps a try, and these screenshots are the first results, showing reduced loss of colour and detail.

  • Head: Turquoise Summer Circlet (bartered — Lithe festival summer rewards vendor/cosmetics; or looted — anniversary event/Decorative, Elegant, Extravagent or Lavish Gift Box; or purchased — LOTRO Store), default
  • Back: Drape of Evendim (bartered — skirmish camp cosmetics vendor/cosmetic items; or purchased — LOTRO Store), purple
  • Chest: Long Elven Robe (purchased — Celondim outfit vendor), grey
  • Hands: Elven Cotton Gloves (crafted — tailor T3; or looted — world drop/general), purple
  • Feet: Treated Elven Leather Shoes (looted — world drop/general), Rivendell green

Tips: The Turquoise Summer Circlet is obtained by bartering during the summer festival cannot be dyed, but the one purchased from the Store is fully dyeable. The shoes used here are the basic Shadows of Angmar elven-style shoes, but in a skin that dyes the same colour all over. The same shoes can be crafted or purchased from the Rivendell vendors, but only the top portion of the shoes will dye.

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13 Responses to Elven-wise

  1. lotrosavvy says:

    Great colours, I love Celdonim/Duillond area it’s one of my favourites and even with my hobbits and race of man characters i take to ered-luin because i love the atmosphere, colourful elven npc’s, kitties on the docks and beautiful music 😀

  2. Fionnuala says:

    The stones in the circlet dye in the Store version? If so, I’ll have to buy it.

    • I noticed it myself for the first time the other day when someone ran past with a dyed version of the circlet. I thought, “what the heck” and when I checked the Store version in the dressing room, it does in fact dye (unlike the festival version, which is stuck at “default”).

      Fair warning, I didn’t purchase one from the Store to verify, but everything checks out in the dressing room. 🙂

  3. Amazing colour combinations! I wouldn’t have the guts to let my male elf walk around like that but it turned out fantastic! And Fraps has been an eye opener for me as well. It does indeed improve the image quality a lot.

  4. Baranwen says:

    I cant believe you used that robe! I’ve always had trouble finding a good match for it, especially considering that is one of the few cosmetic items available for new little elves.
    You have done a great job with it, I hardly recognize it.

  5. Laenlis says:

    Ha! This is an item that always baffles me, and my choices to go with it turned out wonky, but you made it look…well, I can’t say elegant, even as clearly talented as you are. But not crazysauce, perhaps. Pretty!

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  7. Baranwen says:

    Hey! I had to visit this post again because I’m totally into this outfit, and now I managed to dress a specially quirky lady minstrel with it.
    The pics are so so (I don’t have enough patient!), but I wanted to show you the result.


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