Fellowship of the Ring: Frodo Baggins

The Fellowship of the Ring was the company chosen by Elrond Halfelven to protect and guide the Ring-bearer on his quest to destroy the One Ring in the fire of Mount Doom. The company was composed of nine, and all of the Free Peoples were represented: Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin for the Hobbits; Legolas for the Elves; Gimli for the Dwarves; Aragorn and Boromir for Men; and Gandalf.

Frodo Baggins was the heart of the fellowship, and it was his quest alone to bear the burden of the Ring. At the time of his departure from Bag End, Frodo was 50 years old, though he had been in possession of the Ring since his 33rd birthday, and thus appeared younger. Gandalf described Frodo to Butterbur thus: “A stout little fellow with red cheeks… taller than some, and fairer than most, and he has a cleft in his chin: perky chap with a bright eye.” Frodo’s greater-than-average height (for a Hobbit) and his fairness were probably due at least in part to his Fallohide ancestry (his mother was a Brandybuck). Here Frodo is dressed in his traveling attire, ready to leave Bag End. He wears a fine waistcoat and long jacket, with a mantle for warmth. What baggage Sam has allowed him to carry is stowed in a pack of beautifully soft tooled leather, decorated with a tree design reminiscent of the tree that grew above Bag End, or perhaps of the Party Tree. Though no doubt filled with trepidation, he has little real idea what lies ahead of him: the weariness, horror, and injuries he will sustain on his long road. In the end, he must give up some things, “lose them, so that others may keep them”; he shall become, as Gandalf says, “like a glass filled with clear light.”

Today’s outfit is both a “portrait” and the first in a collection based on the Fellowship of the Ring. Unlike my previous collection (based on the Battle of Fornost), I’m not going to do all of this collection all at once. I plan to add to it over time as inspiration strikes. This is a very simple outfit, consisting of only three pieces, and I apologize for that. My schedule has been quite hectic lately so I didn’t have quite as much time to dedicate to outfitting as I’d like this week. I hope that it’s an enjoyable outfit anyway!

  • Shoulders: Shoulders of the Helmingas (pre-order — Rise of Isengard), default
  • Back: Elegant Backpack (purchased — Bree-town Hunting Lodge vendor/Men of Bree reputation), burgundy
  • Chest: Long Fancy Robe (purchased — Michel Delving outfit vendor), burgundy

Tips: This is a great, simple outfit for any traveling gentlehobbit. If you don’t have access to the Elegant Backpack, there is a Day Pack available at all outfit vendors across Middle-earth. There are also a number of backpacks available in the Store.

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5 Responses to Fellowship of the Ring: Frodo Baggins

  1. lotrosavvy says:

    I’m really impressed with the screenshots you take lately they’re so perfect and there’s always much more to them like the little teapot and the open door. I love the idea of the fellowship outfits too i’m sure it will be great fun 🙂

  2. DarkJackal says:

    Love your Frodo! Looking forward to the rest of the fellowship.

    • Thanks DarkJackal! I felt a little bad posting an outfit that only consisted of three pieces, so I am hoping the little non-sequenced “micro-story” told by the screenshots helps makes up for it. 🙂

  3. Love your screenshots too! I envy your quality but I adore your artistic interpretations. Keep up the good work! Nice to see a fellowship series.

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