The Blue Ranger of Evendim

The Hills of Twilight, or Emyn Uial, were the quiet lands bordering Lake Evendim on its eastern side. Once this was the centre of Arnor, the North-kingdom of the Dúnedain, but those days are long gone. Now only silence and the shadows of twilight lay on the shores of Evendim, and the winds blow through moss-grown ruins.

Evil creatures have crept into the lands around Lake Evendim, but they do not go opposed, and they know it. The goblins and brigands speak in hushed and fearful voices of the Blue Ranger of Evendim, for them a fleeting shadow of fear. The Blue Ranger is one of the few of his kindred remaining in the area. He stalks the silent forests of Evendim slaying the evil creatures he finds there. He is swift, silent, and deadly, and he labours for love of his ancestors and the beauty of the lake. He is clad in a hauberk and cloaked and hooded in blue, in homage to the waters of Nenuial. His cloak bears the gull-wing motif of the Dúnedain as well as an image of Narsil, the sword of Elendil.

I put this outfit together from various pieces scattered throughout my wardrobe, and only after I was done did I realize just how “Store-centric” this outfit is! So I apologize to those who are not fans of the LOTRO Store (I know it is a contentious issue to some).

  • Head: Traveller’s Hood (purchased — LOTRO Store), navy
  • Back: Ceremonial Wig-feld (purchased — LOTRO Store), navy
  • Chest: Hauberk of the Eagle’s Crest (purchased — LOTRO Store), navy
  • Hands: Leather Ranger’s Gloves (purchased — LOTRO Store), navy
  • Boots: Brushed Leather Boots (bartered — skirmish camp cosmetics quartermaster/cosmetic clothing; or purchased –LOTRO Store)

Tips: The statted version of Wigfeld is available as a drop from Thaurlach in the Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu. The gloves can also be found under various names as a world drop and also acquired as the Barrow-scout’s Gauntlets (bartered — skirmish camp classic quartermaster/Great Barrow – armour set) and as the Arthdúr Gauntlets (bartered — Gath Forthnír medium armour trader).

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12 Responses to The Blue Ranger of Evendim

  1. Scott M says:

    Gorgeous. You can pick up the gloves at the skirmish vendor, too. Barrow scout gloves.

    I love your work!

  2. preludeinz says:

    Hehe, my guard wore this hauberk for a while, with the Swan Cloak and the Winged Circlet. I called it his Lord of the Wings outfit 😉

  3. Danica says:

    Beautiful outfit! I really wish they would make boots with shin-guards that match the guards on various gloves (the elven steel gloves and these in particular).
    If anyone’s searching the AH for gloves like these, I have them as “Westernesse Steel Gauntlets of Fleetness”.

  4. lotrosavvy says:

    Love this outfit! I’ve always loved the Huberks from the store and wanted to do something with them for an outfit but they always suit males so much better 😦

  5. I’m a store fan and I completely approve of this outfit!!
    You made the hauberk really stand out. Beautiful.

  6. Adrian Tan says:

    Simply majestic. I was never a fan of the color, but this somewhat won me over. Nice work!

  7. DarkJackal says:

    I wish my elf looked better wearing hauberks, because this one is really well designed, but he always looks too gawky.
    The story of the Blue Ranger is a beautiful one! The symbolism in particular.

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