What makes a great outfit?

We know that outfitting is a popular past-time in LOTRO based on the enduring popularity of the outfit thread on the forums, the recent screenshot contest, the popularity of my fellow outfit bloggers, and just the great outfits I see in-game every time I log on.

Given that popularity, I’ve been thinking lately about what different people look for in an outfit, so yesterday I asked on Twitter about what makes a great outfit (thanks Llythne and Freyjuska!), besides simply looking great. Today, I thought I’d put up an impromptu poll to see what you guys think. You can pick your top three most important features in this poll.

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6 Responses to What makes a great outfit?

  1. mephet says:

    Voted uniqueness, story and lore. Shows that I’m a writer, I guess. 😀 I also find coordination important and accessibility nice (I’ve not got any character to Moria yet), but in my opinion they’re not as important as a great story, respect to Tolkien’s world and standing out from the crowd. I think all of your outfits do extremely well in these three aspects, which is why I like your blog so much. (:

  2. Danica says:

    I chose coordination, story, and uniqueness but have some caveats. 🙂
    Coordination- Pieces that go/dye well together is probably what I look for the hardest, but it’s also the first thing I’ll disregard in favor of an all-over “look”.
    Story- This just sounds a little grander than what I try for; simply to express the personality of a particular character.
    Uniqueness- The ability to stand out and look only like you is always highly desirable, but I also think Chanel was right when she said “Only those with no memory insist on their originality”.
    That being said, I lovelovelove all your lore stories. The Lossoth Shaman, the Lembas Elf, the Evendim Ranger, etc. (it may be lore you make up, but it’s still lore!).

  3. Fionnuala says:

    I voted Story, because I didn’t realize I could choose 3. (Epic reading fail.) I’m not sure if “Story” is precisely what I mean. I don’t created stories about my outfits, but my outfits have to fit the backstory and personality of each of my characters. I would place coordination and (overall) uniqueness as also important. But sometimes I throw uniqueness out the window if I just fall in love with an item even if everyone else is using it.

    • That’s exactly what I meant by story but I didn’t word it very well! As opposed to “lore” by which I meant “an outfit that fits the established lore”, for example a Gondorian outfit in black and silver with wing/tree/star patterns. I got all excited when I noticed I could do a poll and didn’t spend as much time crafting the options as I should have.

      Thanks for your vote and thoughts, Fionnuala! 🙂

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