Warrior of Imladris

Imladris was a steep-walled, flat-floored gorge carved out of the High Moor by the roaring waters of Bruinen the Loudwater. Imladris was the valley’s Sindarin name; in Westron this was translated as Karningul. Both have the same meaning: the cloven-vale, the riven-dell. Imladris was the site of the House of Elrond, known as the Last Homely House East of the Sea, which had been established by Elrond and the surviving Noldor of Eregion. The House and the Valley were a refuge and a sanctuary for many Elves, and it was here that was the chief residence in Middle-earth of the remaining Noldor.

Though protected from the Enemy by the power of Elrond and that of Vilya the Ring of Air, there is still need for soldiers to patrol and defend the valley of Rivendell and its outlands. This is one of the brave warriors of Imladris, skilled with both blade and bow. He is clad in a corslet of fine metal scales, like the mail of a fish, and heavy pauldrons and vambraces swept into graceful shapes by the craft of the artisans of Elrond’s house. His proud helm features double backswept wings, highlighting his nobility and stature as one of the Deep Elves of fallen Eregion.

I’ve always been a little bit at a loss as to what to do with the leggings I used in this outfit. To me, they don’t really seem to match the chest piece that is ostensibly a part of the same crafted set (the one with the golden tree design on the breastplate). When I came across the uniquely coloured chest piece I used here, I noticed that it matched the small fringe of scales on the leggings almost perfectly, and this outfit was born. It was also a great reason to use this particular quiver, which I have never been able to find a good use for up till now!

  • Head: Bronwethol (bartered — Ost Galadh Malledhrim rewards vendor/Malledhrim reputation), forest green
  • Shoulders: Sellsword’s Shoulder Guards (crafted — metalsmith T6), forest green
  • Back: Fancy Elven Quiver (looted — anniversary event/Elegant, Embossed or Striped Gift Box), forest green
  • Chest: Ambition’s Armour (bartered — skirmish camp classic vendor/Halls of Night), white
  • Hands: Sellsword’s Gloves (crafted — metalsmith T6), forest green
  • Legs: Elven Soldier’s Leggings (crafted — metalsmith T5), Rivendell green
  • Feet: Malledhrim Boots (crafted — metalsmith T6/Malledhrim reputation), forest green

Tips: The helm used in this outfit has the same appearance as some rare world drop helms, as well as Coruthor (quest reward — Minstrel [30] A Minstrel’s Hope). Ambition’s Armour can be found at skirmish camps grouped with the Halls of Night Loot from the classic vendor. I’m not certain I’ve ever seen a drop with the same skin; it seems to be a version of the heavy Armour of Fém/Armour of the North Drake, but without the breastplate and with a bit of a different dye pattern.

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6 Responses to Warrior of Imladris

  1. Freyjuska says:

    very nicely matched and good looking outfit. i like it a lot 🙂

  2. Elenluin says:

    Is great how you matched the pieces based on the mail. Also first I heard of Karningul, it’s rather a surprising sounding name.

    • Thanks Elenluin! 😀

      As far as Karningul, it’s the “real” Westron word that Tolkien translates into English as Rivendell. Since Westron was descended from Adûnaic, which in turn derived from Taliska which had a large Dwarvish influence, you can still detect some Dwarvish influence in the few Westron words we know, including Karningul. I think that’s why it has a such a surprising sound when compared to Sindarin. As a sample of Westron, the real names of the Hobbits: Banazîr Galbasi (Sam), Kalimac Brandagamba (Merry), and Razanur Tûc (Pippin).

      Okay, I’ll stop lecturing now! I’m a major dork for Tolkien’s languages. 😛

      • Danica says:

        You’re going to send me off researching again 🙂
        I totally agree with the leggings, I really like the gold plates on the side, but that funny blue skirt always messes things up for me. I’m actually using them in the outfit I’m running in now, I’ll post it soon so I can show you what I’ve tried. Regarding the breastplate that is supposed to go with them? No matter how many times I tell myself it’s a tree, it always looks like a bird skull to me. Rorschach fail. 😉

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