An Unexpected Heroine

Gandalf the Grey had quite a reputation among the Hobbits of the Shire. Of course he was known for being a strange, wandering wizard, and famed for his fireworks, but he also had made something of a name for himself as a troublemaker, as Bilbo recalled upon making the wizard’s acquaintance:

‘Not the Gandalf who was responsible for many quiet young lads and lasses going off into the Blue for mad adventures? Anything from climbing trees to visiting elves — or sailing in ships, sailing to other shores!’

–Bilbo, The Hobbit, “An Unexpected Party”

Just why did Gandalf take such interest in these lads and lasses? Perhaps it was to nurture and keep alive in the race of Hobbits that tiny spark of courage that many years later would need to be fanned to flame at last. Whatever the reasons, Hobbits that were led off onto these mad adventures were probably swept along much like Bilbo and later Frodo were: unsure what to expect and equipped only with their usual day-to-day Shire clothing and gear.

This lass is one of those friendly with Gandalf in the days of Bilbo’s youth. She has an adventurous spirit, but is still at heart a Shireling, and thus everything she encounters on her adventure is new and amazing. Being from a well-to-do family, she wears the fine summer dress she put on the morning Gandalf spirited her away — having only had time to grab a cheerful cloak, shawl, and her father’s feathered cap on her way out the door. Her only weapon is a tiny Hobbit-sized knife, but she does have the courage to wield it against whatever dangers she may encounter. Fortunately for her, she has Gandalf to look after her.

This outfit is really a variation of the egg-runner outfit I featured some time ago, but I wanted to put together an outfit that showed a Hobbit adventuring in her usual Shire-clothing, like the well-known Hobbits of the stories always did. Later in their travels they were often clothed in foreign garb by friends made on their journeys, but they always set out in their familiar day-to-day clothing of jackets and waistcoats for men and, presumably, frocks for women.

  • Head: Bounder Shirriff’s Cap (quest reward — Shire [10] A Bounder of Great Merit), yellow
  • Shoulders: Ceremonial Shoulders of the Written Word (bartered — skirmish camp cosmetics quartermaster/Moria cosmetic clothing – light), Ranger green
  • Back: Cloak of the Summer Sun (bartered — Lithe fiestival summer rewards vendor/cosmetic rewards), yellow
  • Chest: Short-sleeved Summer Dress (bartered — Lithe festival summer rewards vendor/cosmetic rewards), default
  • Weapon: Butter Knife (purchased — Mathom-house reputation vendor/Mathom Society reputation)

Tips: The double-feathered Bounder’s cap can also be found as various world-drop items and also as the Treasure Hunter’s Hat (crafted — tailor T6). Of course, the one-feathered version would look great as well! While putting this outfit together, I found that the Shabby Cap (quest reward — Yule festival [10] Self-sacrifice: Support the Poor) dyed burgundy also looks nice with this outfit. The shoulders have the same appearance as ones from the other level 60 Mines of Moria instance cluster light armour sets, or they can be obtained as Shoulder Pads of Lothlórien (crafted — tailor T6/Galladhrim reputation). Unfortunately, there is some clipping on the shoulders due to the puffy sleeves of the dress, but if you use the long-sleeved or sleeveless versions of the dress, you would probably avoid this problem. I have crudely attempted to correct the clipping using Photoshop; you can probably tell because of some of the pixels and also from having seen quite a few ‘shops in your time! The Butter Knife is a weapon that can be obtained at the Mathom-house once you have reached friend standing with the Mathom Society.

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4 Responses to An Unexpected Heroine

  1. Brilliant outfit, and I fully support photoshopping the wardrobe mistakes that Turbine doesn’t fix. Your hobbit outfits are all so adorable, this one is very original combination with that cloak. I don’t see it very often and you matched it well!

  2. Devonna says:

    This is adorable! Well done on matching the colors so nicely. And as always thank you for sharing the lore that inspired your outfit. Your posts are a pleasure to see and read. 🙂

  3. Mirmo says:

    I love the idea of this; it’s a look I’ve been trying to achieve for a while now; the Hobbit on an adventure right out of his door. I had a great outfit based on one Hymne made, and then my dad saw it and said, “Hobbits don’t really wear armor like that.” Which irritated me, but did get me wanting an outfit a little less martial. I haven’t been as successful as I’d like, mostly having problems with hoods and shoulders, but once I get higher level I’ll have more options so there’s hope.

    • Welcome Mirmo, thanks for the kind comment! I know what you (and your dad) mean about striking that “Hobbit-look” but sometimes you just have to go with what you enjoy. But you’re right, as more options open up to you, I’m sure you’ll be able to find something you like! 😀

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