Fellowship of the Ring: Aragorn as Strider

The Fellowship of the Ring was the company chosen by Elrond Halfelven to protect and guide the Ring-bearer on his quest to destroy the One Ring in the fire of Mount Doom. The company was composed of nine, and all of the Free Peoples were represented: Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin for the Hobbits; Legolas for the Elves; Gimli for the Dwarves; Aragorn and Boromir for Men; and Gandalf.

Aragorn, son of Arathorn came into the tale as Strider, the mysterious roguish stranger encountered by Frodo and the other Hobbits at the Inn of the Prancing Pony. As a Ranger, he was mistrusted by the folk of Bree, and initially by the hobbits as well — but then again, he himself admitted that he had “rather a rascally look”. As a Ranger of the North, Aragorn’s Dúnadan bloodline was pure and true, and thus he was blessed with a much longer life than other Men; he was 87 years old when he met Frodo. He had a “a shaggy head of dark hair flecked with grey, and in a pale stern face a pair of keen grey eyes”. He had a weatherbeaten look about him, and was “grim to look upon unless he chanced to smile”. Here, he is clad in his Ranger’s attire of “high boots of supple leather that fitted him well”, a “travel-stained cloak of heavy dark-green cloth”, and a hood that he wore even in the warmth of the Prancy Pony. He carries a long-stemmed pipe, having learned the art of smoking, perhaps, from his friend Gandalf. Thus clad for a journey in the wild, Aragorn is prepared to lead the hobbits to the safety of Rivendell; and none better, for he has travelled many roads in his lifetime, and “his ways were long and hard”. Under his guidance, Frodo’s terrible burden will be brought on the long road to Rivendell — but only just, and at great peril; and the road South is longer still.

Today’s outfit is the second in a collection based on the Fellowship of the Ring. In the name of making an interesting outfit I have taken a few little liberties in portraying Aragorn according to Tolkien’s description — the cloak isn’t quite dark green; and the boots may be of supple leather but they are also fur-trimmed, for example. I’ll also say that I have been obsessed with chartreuse and yellow in my outfits lately but I promse I’ll stop! (I think… send help!) Another tidbit: Aragorn’s admission in the book of his “rascally” looks is where I got the idea to have a archetypal outfit tag dedicated to rascals.

  • Shoulders: Ceremonial Nenuial’s Shoulders (bartered — skirmish camp cosmetics quartermaster/Annúminas cosmetic clothing), default
  • Back: Elrond’s Radiant Cloak (quest reward — epic [50] Volume 1, Book 12, Chapter 10: Half-truths), yellow
  • Chest: Well-worn Robe (bartered — skirmish camp cosmetics quartermaster/cosmetic clothing), sienna
  • Hands: Ceremonial Nenuial’s Gauntlets (bartered — skirmish camp cosmetics quartermaster/Annúminas cosmetic clothing), default
  • Feet: Ceremonial Boots of the Aurochs (bartered — skirmish camp cosmetics quartermaster/Helegrod cosmetic clothing – medium), default

Tips: There are several good, ranger-y alternatives to the Well-worn Robe (but you may need to experiment with dye colours) for example the Comfortable Robe (bartered — skirmish camp cosmetics quartermaster/cosmetic clothing; or purchased — LOTRO Store), the Long Ranger’s Robe (purchased — Bree-town outfit vendor), the Rugged Adventurer’s Robe (purchased — LOTRO Store), or the Short Elven Robe (looted –anniversary event/Gift Boxes).

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3 Responses to Fellowship of the Ring: Aragorn as Strider

  1. Very nice outfit, I love the combination. But isn’t it a bit too flashy for Strider? Unless it’s a bush camouflage 😉

    • Well, maybe a teensy little bit flashy… But I was finding all the more subdued Strider looks I was doing just weren’t exciting me very much as outfits. That’s probably my chartreuse addiction speaking, though! 😛

  2. Alastan says:

    As Hymne said i think this is a little bit too ”flashy” for Aragorn 🙂 Still , good job 🙂

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