Fallohide Explorer

In the early years of the Third Age, the race of Hobbits had not yet crossed the Misty Mountains and still dwelled in the upper vales of Anduin. There were three divisions of Hobbit-kind: the Harfoots, the Stoors, and the Fallohides. The Fallohides (literally, “pale-skins”) were the most northerly-dwelling of the three kindreds, and the most open to outsiders. They were particularly friendly with Elves, and consequently became lovers of trees and forests and skilled in speech and song. They were taller and slimmer than the other hobbits, and fairer of complexion. Eventually, due to the dark power rising in Mirkwood, the three kindreds of Hobbits began to migrate west over the Misty Mountains and came down into Eriador. Some of each of the three branches settled in the area that later became known as the Bree-land, and because of their bolder nature, the Fallohides were the natural leaders of these. It was two Fallohide brothers, Marcho and Blanco, who first crossed the Baranduin and founded the Shire. By the end of the Third Age, the three strains of Hobbits had become thoroughly blended, but some families favoured a particular strain. In particular, the oldest and wealthiest families of the Shire show strong Fallohide ancestry which is demonstrated in their bolder, more inquisitive natures.

This hobbit is one of the early Fallohide explorers who ranged into the Shire. Unlike the future folk of the Shire, he is bold, curious, and ever seeks adventure over the next hill. More at home on the trail than in a smial, he is clad in light cloth garments to keep him cool and comfortable on his vigorous treks, and wears a double-brimmed hat (one brim turned up) to shield his eyes from the sun. His cloak shows the device of a winged carinate vessel, perhaps recalling his love of both travel and beer. Tough boiled leather pauldrons and bracers protect his shoulders and arms. He wields a stout spear, which he can thrust or hurl with the legendary accuracy of Hobbits.

Remember how I promised I was going to knock it off with the chartreuse? Well… Sméagol lied. (Must… seek… help…) But,  moving on! Sometimes making outfits is a matter of luck as much as it is of creativity or of a thorough knowledge of available cosmetic resources. In this case, I lucked out. I had all the pieces of the outfit assembled and I was looking for a cloak to finish it all off. Nothing was popping out for me, but then I came across this Cloak of Might on the Auction House. I had never even seen a cloak with this skin before, but it was perfect, with the red and yellow checks on the hem of the cloak referencing the red and yellow checks on the shirtsleeves! What luck, and I couldn’t be happier with the way it tied the whole outfit together.

  • Head: Threadbare Hat of the Dunland Healer (quest reward — Dunland [67] A Brazen Chieftain), yellow
  • Shoulders: Shoulderpads of the Learned Stag (quest reward — Dunland [66] Counting the Antlers), crimson
  • Back: Protector’s Cloak (bartered — skirmish camp jewellery and cloaks quartermaster/level 65), yellow
  • Chest: Rough Cloth Armour (crafted — tailor T1; or purchased — Bree-town light armour vendor; or looted — world drop/general), white
  • Hands: Leather Bracers of the Gentle Stag (quest reward — Dunland [66] The Village Burns), crimson
  • Legs: Elven Cotton Leggings (crafted — tailor T3; or looted — world drop/general), white

Tips: The three Dunland quest rewards used in this outfit can each be obtained from several quests in Dunland. And finally any “Robin Hood-style” hat would make a great substitution for the hat I used in the outfit.

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4 Responses to Fallohide Explorer

  1. He’s cuuuute! The colour combinations work really well, he looks very hobbitse despite the different styles. The cloak is available at the Skirmish vendor as well for a ridiculous amount of marks (at least that how it used to be, not sure what it is after U6). Better to get it off the AH indeed.

  2. Devonna says:

    I’ve not seen this cloak design before either. It’s wonderful 🙂 What a handsome Hobbit!

    • For me it’s one of the best parts of outfitting as a hobby that there are cosmetic designs that have been around for however long and yet they’re still new and suprising to me. Keeps things fresh and interesting. 🙂

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