Champion of the Galadhrim

The Galadhrim, or Tree-people, were the Silvan elves of Lothlórien. By the end of the Third Age, they had been ruled for many long years by the Noldorin lady Galadriel and the Sindarin lord Celeborn, but the speech of Lothlórien was a Sindarin dialect that was much changed from “classical” Sindarin. Few among the Galadhrim spoke the common tongue. At the time of the War of the Ring, Lothlórien was the most powerful of the remaining Elvish realms, and was a place of great strength in opposition to the Enemy. In March IIIA 3019, during the late days of the war, orcs out of Dol Guldur assailed Lórien three times, but were repulsed each time, with the final defeat being a complete rout. The Galadhrim then crossed the Anduin under the command of the lord Celeborn and stormed Dol Guldur. With the fortress taken, the lady Galadriel herself then came forth and “threw down its walls and laid bare its pits”.

This elf is one of the champions of the Galadhrim crossing the Anduin in the final assault on Dol Guldur. He is seen here having crossed the river and is now contemplating the distant eves of Mirkwood. His cloak is embroidered with the image of a mallorn, the magnificent trees of Lothlórien. Though the time for the fading of Lórien and of the Elves is fast approaching, for this last great assault on the Enemy the Galadhrim have arrayed their warriors in a range of hues representing all the seasons of the Golden Wood: the green and silver of its glorious spring and summer, the gold of its still-bright autumn, and even the brown of the coming Winter, the bare and leafless Day in which Lothlórien will be no more.

I was inspired to put this outfit together by the cloak, which I think is a really nice design. I wanted to try to take all the colours of the cloak and repeat them in the rest of the outfit’s pieces to create an impression of the passing of the Seasons in Lothlórien — Seasons: with a capital ‘S’, the passing of the lifespan of Lórien, and not just seasons of the year. I always thought the image of Lothlórien deserted and silent, the leaves all faded and fallen in the river to be swept away after Galadriel left Middle-earth, was a sad one. Also sad was the fact that I have no male elf alt with access to Lórien, so I have to ask your indulgence in imagining the setting of these screenshots really is the meadows between the east banks of the Anduin and the eves of Mirkwood!

  • Head: Ceremonial Dragon-scale Helm (bartered — skirmish camp cosmetics quartermaster/Helegrod cosmetic clothing – heavy), olive
  • Shoulders: Ceremonial Dragon-scale Shoulders (bartered — skirmish camp cosmetics quartermaster/Helegrod cosmetic clothing – heavy), olive
  • Back: Cloak of the Autumn Wood (purchased — LOTRO Store), olive
  • Chest: Golden Host Coat (crafted — tailor T6/Malledhrim reputation), olive
  • Hands: Malledhrim Gauntlets (crafted — metalsmith T6/Malledhrim reputation), olive
  • Legs: Malledhrim Leggings (crafted — metalsmith T6/Malledhrim reputation), olive
  • Feet: Footman’s Boots (crafted — tailor T6), olive

Tips: The Dragon-scale armour is the Champion Helegrod set. It is available in level 50 and 65 versions, as well as a cosmetic version available from the cosmetics vendor at skirmish camps.

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5 Responses to Champion of the Galadhrim

  1. The first part of Thinglad reminded me quite forcefully of what Lothlorien looked like when Arwen went wandering it in her grief from Aragorn’s passing. Nice outfit!

  2. alekazam says:

    awesome combination, i love those shoulders and how you made the shoulders match together like that. over all i think it is a great outfit

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