Misty Mountaineer

The Great East Road of Eriador and the Old Forest Road of Rhovanion together formed a route of great historical importance to the Dwarves. They had built the roads in the First Age, before the first rising of the Sun, and used them to travel between their holds in Beleriand in the west and the Iron Hills in the east. By the end of the Third Age, the roads were mostly deserted, but were still used by bands of dwarves traveling between the Blue Mountains and the Iron Hills and Lonely Mountain. The most difficult part of the route no doubt was the leg that crossed the formidable Misty Mountains through the High Pass of Imladris. The pass connected the Great East Road with the Old Forest Road and could be dangerous due both to the weather and to the goblins and giants that lurked in the mountains.

This dwarf is a mountaineer stationed in the High Pass to act as a guide for any of his folk who wish to use the pass. He lives there year-round, camping at small ruined Dwarf-holds near the eastern and western ends of the pass. Dwarf-travellers seek him out so that he can see them safely along the high route and assist them with his wealth of mountain survival skills, honed over a lifetime in the pass. He knows every mile of the route like the back of his hand, and is ever alert for avalanches, storms, wild beasts, and the more dangerous denizens of the area. Winter in the pass is cold and snowy, and his seasonal garb consists of a thick hooded wolf-pelt cloak and a stout leather jacket lined with soft white foxfur. Heavy gloves and boots protect his hands and feet from the bite of the frost, but he is also an expert at building warm fires, even in the harshest of conditions. He has learned to abide in the cold and the loneliness and the howling winds of the pass, but is ever eager for news from abroad when meeting new travellers.

Winter is finally showing signs of ending here (knock on wood), so I thought I’d do one more cold-weather outfit to see it out! The established lore of the Great East Road, the Old Forest Road, and the High Pass, coupled with the in-game Turbine-created dwarvish ruins seen in the Misty Mountains (like the ones upon Hrimbarg, which I suppose must mean Rimeberg, or “frost-mountain”, in Old Norse) gave me a picture of a crusty old hermit-like mountaineer sitting alone by a fire until travellers happen along to engage his expert services.

  • Shoulders: Skirmisher’s Shoulder Guards (crafted — tailor T4; or purchased — Esteldín medium armour vendor; or looted — world drop/general), indigo
  • Back: Cloak of Ajokoira (purchased — Sûri-kylä Lossoth reward vendor/Lossoth reputation), sienna
  • Chest: Ceremonial Ajokoira Armour (crafted — tailor T5/Lossoth reputation), sienna
  • Hands: Leather Gauntlets (purchased — Esteldín medium armour vendor; or looted — world drop/general), washed
  • Legs: Dwarf-make Scholar’s Leggings (crafted — tailor T4; or looted — world drop/general), sienna
  • Feet: Dwarf-make Skirmisher’s Boots (crafted — tailor T4; or looted — world drop/general), umber

Tips: The Ajokoira Armour recipe can be obtained from the Lossoth light armour reputation vendor in Sûri-kylä once you have reached Ally standing. The recipe allows you to craft an gear version with statistics or a cosmetic version. The cosmetic version is also available in the Store.

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8 Responses to Misty Mountaineer

  1. DarkJackal says:

    Wonderfully evocative description capturing vast stretches of time, culture, an interesting individual’s story, and functional garb! I would love to hear more of the life of the Guide of the High Pass!

    • Thanks DarkJackal. 🙂 I was surprised when doing my research for this about the true age of the Road. I knew it was old, at least as old as Arnor, but I hadn’t realized it actually pre-dated the Sun! Now whenever I run along between the Shire and Bree or out to the Lonelands I’ll be thinking of the Road’s ancientry.

      As for our guide, I think he’s a bit of a crusty sort. I think he likes the solitude but from time to time enjoys having folk around his fire, especially in the winter when the nights are long. Maybe next winter I’ll check in with him again and see what new cozy warm things he’s wearing and what new adventures he’s had! 😛

  2. Starry he’s an excellent cold-weather dwarf! He looks worn by the cold, but still sturdy and strong. I like the muted browns that you used and the subtle match of indigo dye with the diamonds on the leggings. Nice job.

  3. Well, I guess I didn’t knock on wood hard enough! It snowed all weekend! /smackhead

  4. Moraiwë says:

    Your use of pattern and texture here is so inspiring! I like how the Lossoth armor gives him a string of beads and amulets — trade for safe passage? Ancient sentimental value?

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