Gwend Nestadren

Elvish medicine was renowned for its potency and efficacy. Many elves took up the path of the healer, and both male and female elves could rise to great skill. However, it was believed by the Elves that the dealing of death, whether in war or by hunting, dimished one’s capacity to heal; thus, because there were fewer warriors among Elf-women, so there were more healers among them. Male healers were no less skilled, however, and abstained from hunting and war.

This elf is gwend nestadren, a maiden of healing. She is skilled in the lore concerning the care of the body, the curing of ills, and the repairing of wounds. She often meditates on tales of Estë,  she of the Valiër who is a bringer or rest and a healer of hurts. Prepared to tend the injured at a time of war, she is clad in a loose and comfortable tunic and pants of  embroidered crushed silk, allowing her to move swift and unfettered among her charges. Matching slippers give her softest of footfalls. She wears a demure wimple, and a veil covers her hair, marking her as a healer so that she can be quickly identified at need. At her side is a rune-stitched satchel containing vials of healing draughts, small pots of unguents and salves, and packets of medicinal herbs such as athelas. She uses the clear waters of a nearby pool to lave wounds, to create cool compresses, or to boil for infusions or for the steaming of herbs. Her treatments are not merely physical in nature, for she also speaks rousing words of courage and sings inspiring songs to raise the spirit as she works. She is a beacon of hope, prepared to heal almost any hurt; and her gentle ministrations have caused her to be much beloved by her people.

Healing is my favourite role to play during group content, and it’s one I find very rewarding. This outfit is my homage to the healers of LOTRO. It’s not meant to necessarily relate to any one of the healing classes; I tried to allude to the skills of minstrels, rune-keepers, lore-masters, and captains alike in my description. Cheers to healers of all classes!

  • Head: Hat of the Concerned Elf (quest reward — Great River [75] Disturbances in Thinglad), turquoise
  • Shoulders: Officer’s Shoulder Guards (crafted — metalsmith T6), turquoise
  • Chest: Long-sleeved Lórien Tunic and Pants (bartered — Cerin Amroth barterer/Galadhrim reputation), sea blue
  • Satchel: Rune-sack (purchased — LOTRO Store)

Tips: The Hat of the Concerned Elf shares its appearance with the hat from three light armour PvMP sets that are no longer available: the Armour of the Wayfaring Poet, the Armor of the Archivist, and Armour of the Erudite Teacher. The Long-sleeved Lórien Tunic and Pants can be obtained from the reputation barterer at Cerin Amroth once you have reached Friend status with the Galadhrim. The Rune-sack is a Rune-keeper class item available from the Store, but if you’re not a Rune-keeper and you’d like to approximate the look, you could use the Treasure-hunter’s Satchel (bartered — treasure hunt base camp reward vendor) dyed turquoise. It is a back-slot item that displays on your character’s hip, but would work since this outfit deliberately has no cloak in order to show off the long veil on the back of the hat. If you don’t like the overall turquoise theme of the outfit, you could also use the Treasure-hunter’s Satchel to recreate the outfit in a different colour (the Rune-sack from the Store comes in turquoise and cannot be dyed, thus dictating the colour of the outfit).

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12 Responses to Gwend Nestadren

  1. Terrific outfit! I really love it. The Hat of the C.E. really shines here. The way you worked around the undyeble satchel using sea blue dye is wonderful. Truly beautiful outfit. Very well done!

  2. preludeinz says:

    I love this! I have that tunic out of Lorien, but no one ever wears it because I don’t really have a healer! Lovely, though. Shame my baby RK is male, he probably wouldn’t pull it off as well XD

  3. Elenluin says:

    You have created an aura of gentleness around her, everyone will want to be healed by her :).

  4. Fionnuala says:

    I love this hat but I am having a really hard time incorprating it into an outfit. It just doesn’t seem right to me to have bare chest showing beneath it. But it’s very hard to find something that covers the chest right up to the part under the neck. Alas, my quest must continue!

    • Agreed completely about the bare chest, it bugs me too! Sadly the shoulders that go with it, that do cover the chest, obscure the veil at the back! Argh! One thought I had was to combine the hat with the elvish hauberk available from the outfitter in Celondim. The colours might work and the hauberks go right up to the neck so you wouldn’t get that gap. Haven’t tried it yet though!

  5. Lasswen says:

    Very pretty ensemble!

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