Expert Treasure-hunter

“You can say Expert Treasure-hunter instead of Burglar if you like.  Some of them do.  It’s all the same to us.”

— Glóin to Bilbo, “An Unexpected Party”, The Hobbit

Hobbits had a number of physical characteristics that, whether recognized by Hobbits or not, predisposed them to a certain degree of skill in the burglar’s art. For one, there was their small size and unobtrusive nature, which made them perhaps easily overlooked by “large stupid folk”. They could also “disappear quietly and quickly” at need, and were “quick of hearing and sharp-eyed … [and] nimble and deft in their movements”, all valuable tricks in the burglar’s arsenal.

A company of dwarves encamped at the village of Needlehole in the Shire have heard tales of the success of the infamous Burglar Baggins some eighty years ago and have decided to hire a similar professional to deal with a troublesome clan of dwarf-outlaws squatting in the nearby Rushock Bog. After discreetly spreading word of the job (involving the Recovery of Stolen Treasure and the Humiliation of Outlaw Squatters) a bold hobbit insisting upon the title of “expert treasure-hunter” has come forth. Negotiations over the contract were tense, but upon the addition of “a burglar’s get-up” and assorted potables and edibles to the terms, the deal was settled. Our hobbit treasure-hunter will set forth at dusk to carry out his mission. He wears the dark clothing provided by the Dwarves, including a cloak with the likeness of the signs on the famous Doors of Durin traced out in greenish embroidery (for good fortune, they said). Thus clad, he should remain well concealed in the shadows of the outlaws’ camp. Only his own colourful tunic of blue and gold checkers peeks out from beneath the dwarf-provided leather cuirass. Mischief and mayhem await!

I’ve wanted to make an outfit featuring the burglar hood from the Rift set for a while now, but the hood is a bit frustrating to work with because of its undyeable dark greyish-brown colour. It was the shoulder guards in this case which triggered the creative process for me, and so this outfit was born!

  • Head: Ceremonial Thrill-seeker’s Helm (bartered — skirmish camp cosmetics quartermaster/Rift cosmetic clothing – heavy), olive
  • Shoulders: Dwarf Leather Shoulder Guards of Might (looted — world drop/general), grey
  • Back: Cloak of the Sunset (pre-order — Mines of Moria), umber
  • Chest: Ceremonial Shadow-stalker’s Jacket (bartered — skirmish camp cosmetics quartermaster/Helegrod cosmetic clothing – medium), black
  • Hands: Hardened Steel Dunlending’s Gauntlets (quest reward — Dunland [72] A Dark and Lonely Forest), black
  • Legs: Dented Leggings of the Dunlending Clansman (quest reward — Dunland [66] Something Foul), black

Tips: The shoulders I used in the outfit are a world drop, but I believe they may also be purchased from the medium armour vendors at Thorin’s Hall, Othrikar, or possibly Thorenhad. A similar version, the Dwarf-make Outrider’s Shoulder Guards, can be crafted (tailor T3), but the crafted version is less elaborate and covers less of the shoulder. The gloves and leggings are both Dunland quest rewards and can be obtained (with different names) from several quests throughout Dunland. If you don’t have access to the Cloak of the Sunset, Savs of LOTRO Savvy posted a great outfit some time ago that paired a well-matched world drop cloak with the Thrill-seeker’s Helm. The Fine Woodcutter’s Pack (crafted — tailor T3/spring festival Red Gift Box) dyed black or even burgundy looks quite nice as well (and has a hatchet tucked inside, which is a great visual bonus if your burglar happens to be a regular user of serrated throwing hatchets!).

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5 Responses to Expert Treasure-hunter

  1. Moraiwë says:

    I’d buy this guy an ale. Maybe even a pint.

    Food for thought: How would you dress a member of this occupation who was a Hobbit-lass?

    • It comes in pints?!

      Sorry, I usually try to keep movie references to a bare minimum but this time I couldn’t resist. 😛

      Hmm, a stealthy Hobbit-lass. I usually like to use dwarf-style leggings on Hobbit-lasses since they have the sort of skirt detail to keep things a little more feminine. I have a hard time imagining a hobbit woman wearing just straight up trousers. So I might do something similar to this but try to find suitable dwarf-leggings, possibly even the leggings from the same set as the chest piece.

      I’m probably pretty overdue for a stealthy Hobbit-lass, so I’m going to start thinking about it and maybe soon I’ll have another alternative to share. 🙂

  2. Love the little scenes you always create with your characters! I assume he’s been doing very well on his treasure hunts considering the nice outfit he’s able to afford. Good camouflage, yet top class protection in case it has to come to a more direct confrontation with the owners of the alleged treasures. The different dark hues blend well together, and with the shadows.

    • Thanks Hymne! I laughed when I saw how the screenshot of him sitting at the table turned out, like he’s saying “can you believe this dwarf???”

      By the way, thanks for confirming the Short Ranger’s Robe dropping from the anniversary loot boxes — I snagged one on the auction house and was super thrilled! 🙂

  3. Ooh congrats! Obtaining these rare cosmetic items is so rewarding! Very nice. 😀

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