Bree-land Rover

The Bree-land was the country around the Bree-hill and the village of Bree itself. The word bree is an Englished form of the Brythonic word breg, meaning “hill”, and is a translation of an unknown word of the same meaning in a pre-Númenórean language related to the tongues of the Dunlendings. The other villages near to Bree also had names in pre-Númenórean tongues; these are also given a Celtic translation: Archet (Welsh ar-chet, “near the woods”) and Combe (rhymes with “tomb”; an Englishing of Welsh cwm, “hollow, valley”). The pre-Númenórean inhabitants of the region were relatives of the Dunlendings and were later absorbed into the kingdom of Arnor; their small villages survived when Arnor and her successor-kingdoms were long gone. By the end of the Third Age, the Bree-land was the furthest west that Men still dwelled in Eriador. It was a quiet land and, much like the Shire, little troubled by the cares of the outside world thanks to the watchful protection of the Rangers who, in spite of their service, were mistrusted by the Bree-folk.

This man of the Bree-land is taking advantage of a fine day’s weather (and the unseen protection of the Rangers, whether he knows it or not) to go a-rambling and a-roving down the Greenway to the market at Bree-town. Perhaps he will barter or spend a few silver pennies to purchase a fat pig — then home again, home again, jiggity-jig. He wears bright red and white clothing, since the roads are safe and camouflage is of little necessity. Though the sun is cheerful and warm, the first edge of autumn has crept into the air and he wears a thick wool hat and muffler. He wears soft shoes rather than boots as he will be travelling from his homestead along the soft turf of the Greenway — once the great North-south Road, now overgrown with disuse. Upon his back is a lovingly cared-for leather pack, containing some small crafted goods to be bartered at market and lunch of a crusty loaf, a tart apple, and a round of strong cheese packed by his goodwife. At his belt is a coinpurse containing a few silver pennies for any larger purchase he may make. It is a fine day to visit market — and a fine day to be a free Bree-man!

This is one of those outfits which come together without a particular lore concept in mind, but rather are based on an interesting combination of pieces discovered during some dressing-room clicking. In this case it was the leggings and the chest piece. Sometimes in these situations I check out in-game titles for a little inspiration for a lore hook. In this case, “Bree-land Rover” is a Men of Bree reputation title (Ally standing, I believe), and it’s a title that I really enjoy. It just feels evocative to me, and cheerful, like the bright red and crisp white in this outfit.

  • Head: Explorer’s Hat (crafted — tailor T4; or looted — world drop/general), red
  • Shoulders: Dwarf-make Traveller’s Shoulder Guards (crafted — tailor T3; or purchased — Thorin’s Hall light armour vendor; or looted — world drop/general), red
  • Back: Finely Stitched Backpack (crafted — tailor T3/spring festival Blue Gift Box), umber
  • Chest: Enduring Waistcoat of Healing (looted — world drop/general), red
  • Hands: Cadarn-durnvol (looted — Rise of Isengard instance cluster), white
  • Legs: Tavol-socas (looted — Fangorn’s Edge/tier 2 chest), white
  • Feet: Brushed Shoes (crafted — tailor T7), red

Tips: The chest piece I used in this outfit is a world drop; I used it because it has short sleeves, which nicely show off the bracer-like  shape of the “gloves”. Of course, you could also use Dwarf-make Radiant Armour (crafted — tailor T5), which has the same skin except that it has long sleeves, but the bracers would not be highlighted quite as much.

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3 Responses to Bree-land Rover

  1. Moraiwë says:

    That hat and those shoulders go with each other — maybe nothing else, but at least they have each other! (I did see a lot of people wearing the shoulders as a stripy scarf during the winter festival.) I do think maybe you ought to pay your model a bit more so he’ll crack a smile! 😀

    • Haha, funny you should say that, I was checking things out this morning to make sure everything posted according to plan, and while I was looking at it I totally thought, “man I should have activated /mood_happy on this one”.

      But yeah, failing that I’m gonna have to dig deeper in my pocket. These models are so demanding! 😛

  2. Lasswen says:

    I shall have to track down those legs, I think they might well work better with a planned outfit than the clanweave leggings.

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