Clever Little-daw

As is well known, Hobbits tend to be rather staunch homebodies. But when they do get swept off on adventures they seem to wind up in the most astonishing places! Just take Mr Peregrin Took and Mr Meriadoc Brandybuck, who both fought in the great Seige of Minas Tirith; or Samwise Gamgee, who trudged through the terrible land of Mordor itself! Then there was Mr Bilbo Baggins, who, after finding himself thoroughly swept away, wound up in the black forest of Mirkwood.

It seems adventure has unexpectedly found this young lass. She has been swept along by great events, like a little bird tossed before winds of a great storm, and has ended up, like Bilbo, in the terrifying dark of Mirkwood. But she is clever and quick, and even birds tossed before storms may find ways to survive. Initially frightened to find herself in Mirkwood, dense with dark trees, darker shadows, and the camps of many Orcs, she was hit upon by an idea when she observed a flock of glossy daws roosting in the bare trees. She would be just like a little daw, drawn to bright objects, curious objects, or even just useful ones — and thus would she find the means to survive at the expense of the Orcs. Clothed in a dark hauberk and cloak in black and grey with a sheen of irridescent blue, her face concealed by a bird-like hood, she has been secretly raiding the scattered Orc-camps she has come across in the dark woods, stealing supplies and food and water (and the odd trinket or bauble). Her cunning, trickery, and sheer silence mean that there are few Orc-sentries that can hope to spot her. Now to find her way home!

A few weeks ago, Moraiwë commented on Expert Treasure-hunter, considering a stealthy, burglarious outfit for a hobbit-lass, and this is my attempt at such an outfit. In keeping with the bird-like hood, I was trying to give an impression of the colours of the jackdaw (in Middle English simply called a daw; “jack-” was a later addition that means “small”), which is a bird greatly attracted to shiny trinkets.

  • Head: Raven Festival Mask (bartered — Harvestmath fall festival trader/cosmetic clothing), grey
  • Shoulders: Elven Leather Shoulder Guards (purchased — Rivendell medium armour vendor; or looted — world drop/general), Ered Luin blue
  • Back: Veteran Guardsman’s Cloak (bartered — skirmish camp jewellery and cloaks quartermaster/level 53), grey
  • Chest: Sellsword’s Hauberk (purchased — LOTRO Store), Ered Luin blue
  • Hands: Elven Cotton Gloves (crafted — tailor T3; or purchased — Rivendell light armour vendor; or looted — world drop/general), black

Tips: The cloak used in this outfit shares the same appearance as Warden’s Wrap (purchased — Tinnudir Wardens of Annúminas reputation vendor) and Tarchol (looted — Dark Delvings/Void-eater). The Cloak of the Raven (bartered — Harvestmath fall festival trader/cosmetic clothing) would also look nice and would be in keeping with this outfit’s theme, but (and this is personal opinion) I find that it does not dye-match well with the Raven Festival Mask — go figure!

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11 Responses to Clever Little-daw

  1. Moraiwë says:

    This is great! I see a lot of burglars using the same mask, but rarely so well! One detail I love is the arms and legs of the hauberk — that stripy pattern reminds me of scales on a bird’s legs.

    • Thanks Moraiwë! Glad you like it, and that it had that bird-like effect I was trying for. That mask is sort of fussy to use I find, I guess because it dyes in two shades, plus the purplish-blue undyable bit. It all came together thanks to the shoulders I think. 🙂

      • Moraiwë says:

        Also, I think you’re psychic now! I just logged into this character to start assembling the outfit on her, and realized that her last name is “Birdsfoot”! Corydalia Birdsfoot, no joke! (“Corydalis” is a species of trefoil plant, aka “birdsfoot,” that is common to English country gardens, so I thought it would be Tolkien-appropriate.)

  2. Elenluin says:

    Looks great!, reminds me of a bird imitating dance costume from my country.

  3. Tinu says:

    She looks really nice 🙂 I like the blue accents very much

  4. Lasswen says:

    This is a really wonderful outfit! I hadn’t thought of those shoulders being a bit feather-like, shall have to try the combination with the hood at some point. I like how you’ve come up with a different cloak than the raven cloak, which I know I relied on in with this hood.

  5. fbclotro says:

    Earlier today someone on Imladris was asking for a raven mask for one of their outfits. I immediately thought of this post, which has to be the best use of this mask I’ve ever seen. It’s so elegantly simple and yet makes use of each individual detail so well. I love your blog 😀

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