Arbalist of the West-gate

At the peak of Khazad-dûm’s glory, the West-gate must surely have been nigh impenetrable to outside foes, guarded as it was by the mighty spell-woven Doors of Durin. But the terror that caused the fall of Dwarrowdelf was one that came from within. Years later, the dwarf-lord Balin led an expedition to reoccupy the halls, and succeeded in establishing a colony for some five years. During that time, perhaps sentries were posted outside the Walls of Moria to prevent any foes from approaching too closely and threatening the tenuous hold that had been established.

This dwarf is one of the small company of arbalist-sentries posted outside the West-gate. He is lightly armoured (for a Dwarf) in leather reinforced with steel studs, for concealment and speed are his allies. From hidden craggy positions on the slopes surrounding the West-gate, draped in fir and holly, he can take aim at approaching foes with deadly accuracy. His yew crossbow is small so that it can be fired from hiding, but its size belies the power of its shots. His greatest ally in defending the West-gate, though, is his sure-footed pony. Clad in light barding of leather and fur, and laden with extra bolts, a waterskin, a sharp knife, and other useful supplies, this steed can run lightly over steep slopes uneven with shifting shale and never lose its footing. Astride his steed, the arbalist can quickly speed from one firing point to another.

I put this outfit together with an eye to matching the Steed of the Hunter. I usually try to make outfits that are less matchy-matchy than this one, in terms of using leggings and chest pieces from the same set. But in this case, the pieces are really tricky to dye-match with other sets (and I think they look pretty great together too — not to mention matching the pony quite well).

  • Head: Ceremonial Pathfinder’s Helm (bartered — skirmish camp cosmetics quartermaster/Moria cosmetic clothing – medium), olive
  • Shoulders: Dwarf Leather Shoulder Guards (purchased — Thorin’s Hall medium armour vendor; or looted — world drop/general), olive
  • Back: Fine Dwarf-make Quiver (looted — anniversary event/Gift Box), sienna
  • Chest: Dwarf-make Skirmisher’s Armour (crafted — tailor T4; or purchased — Thorin’s Hall medium armour vendor; or looted — world drop/general), dark green
  • Hands: Dwarf-make Iron Gloves (crafted — metalsmith T2; or purchased — Thorin’s Hall heavy armour vendor; or looted — world drop/general), olive
  • Legs: Dwarf-make Skirmisher’s Leggings (crafted — tailor T4; or purchased — Thorin’s Hall medium armour vendor; or looted — world drop/general), dark green
  • Feet: Veteran Recruit’s Medium Boots (bartered — skirmish camp medium armour quartermaster/level 20), olive
  • Steed: Steed of the Hunter (purchased — LOTRO Store)

Tips: As usual, the items that are marked as “world drops” share the same appearance as the piece I used in the outfit but can be found as random loot with various different names. The helm used in this outfit has the same appearance as the ones from the other level 58 Mines of Moria instance cluster medium armour sets. The quiver in this outfit comes from the anniversary gift boxes received in exchange for bartered metallic anniversary tokens. Since the anniversary event has just recently ended, if you’d like to pick up one of these quivers, your chances of finding one on the auction house are quite good!

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8 Responses to Arbalist of the West-gate

  1. This outfit goes really well with the steed of the hunter, and has a nice back story too. Got to love Dwarves!

  2. lotrosavvy says:

    Beautiful screenshots and story as always, so jelly! 😛 I love this match to the steed of the Hunter too, the third screenshot is incredible ❤

  3. With my busy work schedule I am waaaay behind on my blog reading and commenting! This outfit is awesome! Indeed the olive colour on this old-world armour works really well with the horse, and suits the dwarf perfectly. I’m also a fan of that head piece for dwarves.
    Your little-daw is cute too by the way!

  4. Laenlis says:

    As I so often say, “Love it.” That’s one of my favorite horses in the game, and favorite armour pieces as well. Great!

  5. Thank you kindly for the nice comments everyone! 🙂

  6. Lasswen says:

    I didn’t get the hunter steed for my main ‘cos I wasn’t after the fur look for her (though the olive would be perfect), but your wonderful dwarf outfit goes really well with it.

  7. Scott M. says:

    This is just beautiful. They look like the belong together, this dwarf and his pony. Very magnificent. I’m partial to olive myself and use a lot of it, so these colors make me happy.

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