Fellowship of the Ring: Legolas

The Fellowship of the Ring was the company chosen by Elrond Halfelven to protect and guide the Ring-bearer on his quest to destroy the One Ring in the fire of Mount Doom. The company was composed of nine, and all of the Free Peoples were represented: Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin for the Hobbits; Legolas for the Elves; Gimli for the Dwarves; Aragorn and Boromir for Men; and Gandalf.

Legolas, son of the Elvenking of the Woodland Realm, came to Rivendell bearing tidings that Gollum, the prisoner guarded by his people, had escaped. Legolas therefore sat in on the Council of Elrond to present this information, and later was appointed to the fellowship of the Nine Walkers. Legolas and his family were of Sindarin origin but they had taken on the customs and lifestyle of their Silvan subjects and were therefore more rustic than, say, Elrond’s people. Legolas was initially described as a “strange elf clad in green and brown”. Frodo noted that he “had no boots, but wore only light shoes”. At the company’s departure from Rivendell, he was armed with his small bow and “at his belt a long white knife”. He was “fair of face beyond the measure of Men” and “tall as a young tree, lithe, immensely strong … endowed with the tremendous vitality of Elvish bodies, … hardy and resistant to hurt … the most tireless of all the fellowship”. Seen here, Legolas is strolling beneath the stars in Rivendell, enjoying the crisp late autumn air and contemplating the journey soon to come.

Today’s outfit is the fifth in a collection based on the Fellowship of the Ring. I have to point out how much I love the passage in one of Tolkien’s letters, quoted above, where Tolkien was reacting (wrathfully) to a “delicate” portrayal of Legolas, as opposed to the physically powerful Elves of his own imagination. One thing Tolkien did leave to the reader’s imagination is Legolas’s hair colour (his father is described as having golden hair, but this is unusual for the normally dark-haired Sindar), but I have dodged that thorny question by giving him a hood! Another thing this outfit has made me reflect on is how difficult I find it to take good outfit screenshots in Rivendell. For one thing, it is very hard to find a spot where the horizon is visible, and the background is inevitably very busy, as there is a lot of detail in Rivendell. Plus, at most times of day, there is a slight environmental haze, and all these things together tend to make outfit screenshots look a little indistinct. I actually captured and edited two sets of screenshots for this outfit. The first was during the daytime but I wasn’t happy with them because of the reasons I’ve just mentioned, so I decided to make a second attempt with some night shots in one of the few places in Rivendell where a horizon is possible.

  • Head: Golden Host Helmet (crafted — tailor T6/Malledhrim reputation), gold
  • Shoulders: Golden Host Shoulder Pads (crafted — tailor T6/Malledhrim reputation), gold
  • Back: Sturdy Elven Quiver (crafted — tailor T2/spring festival Red Gift Box), Ranger green
  • Chest: Jacket of the Shade-finder (quest reward — Great River [75] A Matter of Honour), gold
  • Hands: Gloves of Forbidden Love (quest reward — Great River [70] A Reasonable Request), Ranger green
  • Legs: Leggings of the Golden Wood (crafted — tailor T6/Galadhrim reputation), Ranger green
  • Feet: Treasure-hunter’s Shoes (crafted — tailor T6), Ranger green

Tips: The Golden Host pieces used in this outfit are crafted using recipes available from the Malledhrim reputation barter NPC in Ost Galadh once you have reached Friend standing with that faction. The recipe for the quiver used to drop from Red Flower Gift Boxes rewarded from the spring festival flower-picking quest, but it’s now available as the Quiver of Caras Galadhon (bartered –Talan Fanuidhol barterer; or purchased — LOTRO Store). The chest piece and gloves are quest rewards from the Great River region; items with the same appearance were formerly available as part of the level 65 medium armour PvMP sets available in the Ettenmoors. The leggings used in this outfit are from the Golden Wood set, the recipe for which is available from the Galadhrim reputation barter NPC in Caras Galadhon, also at Friend standing. The leggings from the level 60 medium armour sets from the Moria instance cluster share the same appearance and are available from Burglar, Hunter, and Warden class trainers in the Twenty-first Hall and medium-armour traders in the Foundations of Stone.

TP Giveaway: Don’t forget to comment on one of the outfits posted this week so that your name can be entered in a draw to win a code for 1,550 Turbine Points. I’m making the draw on Monday, 4th June, so make sure to comment before then!

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25 Responses to Fellowship of the Ring: Legolas

  1. Lasswen says:

    Hehe, clever to use a hood! Of course, we can’t get really blonde elves in the game anyway, even those from Lothlorien. I had been thinking of using similar elements for a Mirkwood outfit, and that or a similar chest piece just the other day. I’m still early on with the Dunland quests, but I’ll certainly be looking out for those gloves too when I do get to the Great River! Well done with the quiver too!

  2. Laenlis says:

    Aiee, that’s so lovely. And I agree, the “delicate” portrayal is something I’ve always appreciated too. I think this Fellowship series of yours is just marvelous.

    • Laenlis says:

      Upon re-read: Ha, words are hard. I left out, “His opinion about …” before the delicate portrayal bit. Sort of changes things. And speaking of badass Elves, have you considered an overall Silmarillion series? You’d do it justice.

      • Hehe, I figured there was something omitted there. Don’t worry, I’m pickin’ up what you’re puttin’ down. 😛

        I’d love to do more Silmarillion characters and I have some murky ideas in the back of my mind. It might be cool to do a “Fëanorians” collection or something like that. If so I’ll need to work on amassing more epic looking elvish armour!

  3. Beautiful. I’ve never noticed that cool belt-work before.

  4. Ariel says:

    Wow… I love it! The outfit looks great and that hood is so perfect for an elf. I really admire your screenshots – the purple, dusky sky is just gorgeous! You did a great job finding a spot to take your screenshots!

  5. Adster says:

    yes now i can copy my favorit charr. in lord of the rings

  6. Rakuno says:

    I always imagined Legolas just wearing a plain leather armor, a cloak and a bow and quiver on his back. The outfit you assembled though makes more sense. After all, even a more “rustic” elf would probably where something far more intricate than the other races of Middle Earth.

    I didn’t know Tolkien didn’t like the more “delicate” portrayal of his elves. Again, that makes more sense though, considering the elves were pretty much his perfect race. So it is to expected he would prefer them to be portrayed with more of a…. hmmm… shall we say, strong constitution.

  7. mephet says:

    Wow, just wow. This simply *is* Legolas. As always, everything matches perfectly and the outfit looks very realistic, but there’s something special to this outfit that makes it one of my favourite ones from you so far. 🙂 I’ve not seen these Great River items before (still in Mirkwood with my main), they look amazing.

  8. Ellohir says:

    The hood really puts the outfit together 😀

  9. Moraiwë says:

    Would you send me a screenie or two of this at 520px wide for the article?

  10. Fionnuala says:

    Wow! I’ve seen several attempts to recreate Legolas but I can say without reservation that yours is the best. Perhaps because it is so obviously based on the books over the movies. It’s even better than Turbine’s version!

  11. Yulan says:

    I usually see Legolas as a discrete, furtive character. But this vision is also lovely! You had my eyes turned to the Malledhrim rewards again..

  12. Leandir of Gladden says:

    OMG, I love it! I am nowhere near getting this yet, but I want to do this for my Hunter!

  13. alekazam says:

    Legolas is my favorite charracter in lord of the rings and now i can look like him in lotro? sweet

  14. Scott M. says:

    I like it, especially that he’s wearing shoes instead of boots. Little details like that (such as Gandalf’s scarf) make for great realization of Tolkien’s work. Nice job!

  15. Enomeg of Windfola says:

    I’ve loved the helmet/hood of the Golden Host ever since I saw it simply because it reminds me so much of the Elves that went to fight at Helms Deep, the ones led by Haldir. I really wish they could make armor designs for the ones worn in the movies, but I understand why they can’t. I hope they eventually get the rights to use things from the movies.

    • Hi Enomeg, thanks for your comment and welcome! 😀

      I love that hood too, but of course the elves fighting at Helm’s Deep is strictly an invention of the movie’s scriptwriters; there were none there but Legolas in the book. LOTRO of course is licensed on the book, not on the films, as you know but that said — there definitely was some absolutely amazing costuming in the movies. The art direction was phenomenal! Personally though, I prefer that LOTRO remain based strictly on the book, not on the movies.

  16. Perhaps it’s just me, but I felt that the hood was distracting…not because of the color, which I thought went well with the outfit, but for the front detail. If it didn’t have the Widow’s Peak and the two straps on the sides, I think it would have a much better look. Also the shoulder pads ended up being a bit distracting to me. Note that I didn’t say that these things disgusted me, rather just distracted. Having said these things, I still think that your outfits are more well thought out, and better implemented than what I can do. This outfit just mis-matches my vision of Legolas by a little bit. But really…you can’t please EVERYBODY, so there will be people who say their vision is different. Commendable job, and continue the good work!

    • Hi Adam, thanks for your comment and welcome! 😀

      Yes, there is definitely a very personal element to outfitting. Some people will love a certain look that others don’t care for — take “The Hat” from Wednesday’s outfit! The great thing about presenting these outfits is that I get to try different things, and different readers will react in their own way. It’s fun to see who likes what. I appreciate your constructive comment! 🙂

  17. mirlaen says:

    This is a beautiful outfit! I love the combination of Malledhrim and Galadhrim pieces as well as the quiver… I can never manage to make one of the big bulky Elven quivers look this nice!! I’ve been a lurker on your forum for quite some time now, and have really enjoyed your outfits… as a huge lore-monster, I also love your stories connecting the outfits with lore. It adds a lot to them. 🙂

  18. KleinerFisch says:

    “a strange elf clad in green and brown” … pretty fitting description xD

    Upper part looks great … but why does it look like he wears his PJ pants? Slippers make the lower part complete … looks comfy ;D

  19. iardi says:

    pew pew pew

  20. Theofried says:

    I kinda disliek this one. Compared to your Gandalf and your sam this one fails to get the Character for me.
    I just can´t see Legolas as the armour wearing type.
    That said: The outfit itself is great 🙂 I won´t copy ift for my hutner because i can´t realy imagine it on a human, but for an elf it realy works.
    Hmm wish I had all parts to see how it would look in autumn clours.

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