Keepers of Moria: Deepscaper

Khazad-dûm, the Dwarrowdelf, was truly a wonder in its day. Mine, workplace, and residence of the Longbeards, it was vast and intricate beyond the imagining of outsiders. While passing through Moria on their dark journey, surrounded by impenetrable darkness and the fathomless weight of the stone and earth of the mountains, Gandalf told the company that there were many wells and streams within Moria, and indeed they could hear water churning down a deep pit, “as if some great mill-wheel were turning in the depths” — the Water-works. In the upper levels, there were “great windows on the mountain-side, and shafts leading out to the light”, where the three peaks of Moria were enveloped in clouds and swirling winds. The lower levels were hot with flames and smoke, perhaps home to the forges of Khazad-dûm, and below them, at unimaginable depths, the Foundations of Stone. Dwarrowdelf, wondrous mansion of the dwarves, was alive with the elements of Arda.

With water seemingly plentiful and sunlight available, it seems plausible that the dwarves might have constructed a garden in Khazad-dûm, and indeed Turbine has created such an area: Tharâk Bazân, Durin’s Garden, one of the wonders of the Dwarrowdelf. This dwarf is one of the deepscapers that tends the garden in the days before the coming of Durin’s Bane. With a constant comfortable temperature, the beautiful foliage resembles that of a rainforest, thick and lush. Dwarves who come here stroll along the dappled paths bathed both in sunlight from far above and the light of crystal lamps. Falling water echoes soothingly in the chamber, and the small creatures of the mines, deep bats and crickets and snakes, live in the peaceful shade. Our deepscaper tends and shapes the plants, ensures the waterworks are functioning, and prevents the creatures from becoming too populous. He is clad in a light work robe of brown wool topped with a mint-green vest with brass buttons. At his side is a bright yellow belt pouch, containing small gardening tools, such as a trowel and hand-shears, which he uses during his rounds of the garden. His odd hat, embroidered with a green clover leaf, keeps his head dry, for it is humid within the gardens, and dew drips from the exotic leaves. As can be seen, the ingenuity of the dwarves extends beyond just metalwork and stonecraft!

I’ve been feeling inspired by Dwarves lately, so this is the first in a four-part collection, called The Keepers of Moria, based on the special roles the caretakers and labourers of Moria may have had — each referring to one of the four classic elements. This one represents the element of earth. I really love the garden in Moria. I think it’s a beautiful location and it really evokes the sensations of indoor botanical gardens and greenhouses whenever I’m there; I can imagine the humidity, the warmth, the scent of earth and of green. I’ve been toying around with using the garden as a setting for an outfit for a while now, but I didn’t really hit upon a concept until the spring festival returned this year and I picked up the Spring Flinger hat. It’s quirky and a bit unexpected, just as would be a dwarf gardener, I thought. That in turn inspired the concept of an element-based collection for the Dwarves of Moria.

  • Head: Spring Flinger Hat (bartered — spring festival rewards vendor/cosmetics), default
  • Shoulders: Tawarwaith Shoulder Pads (crafted — tailor T6/Malledhrim reputation), sienna
  • Chest: Short Dwarf-make Robe (looted — anniversary event/Elegant Gift Box), sienna
  • Hands: Radiant Gloves (crafted — tailor T5; or looted — world drop/general), olive
  • Feet: Ceremonial Town-saver’s Boots (bartered — skirmish camp cosmetics quartermaster/Rift cosmetic clothing – medium), default

Tips: Now is the time to pick up the Spring Flinger hat, while the spring festival is still on! The Short Dwarf-make Robe is a drop from anniversary event gift boxes that are bartered in exchange for metallic anniversary tokens. If you don’t have the robe and would like to find one, you may have good luck if you check the auction house frequently, since the anniversary event ended not long ago and people may still be selling any excess cosmetics they obtained.

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15 Responses to Keepers of Moria: Deepscaper

  1. Adster says:


  2. Laenlis says:

    This is so /charming/. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the series. I keep guessing the other elements: a watery worm-wrangler who clears the gears of the Great Wheel! An airy carver who sees to the light-bearing crystals! A fiery young Dwarf who keeps lava channels clear so forges always ring with the blows of hammers…

    *gets carried away*
    *also likes Dwarves*

  3. Elenluin says:

    What can I say, he clearly looks like a dwarf with a green thumb :).

  4. Wow lovely! I like it and I love the idea of making outfits based on the four elements. Nice!

  5. Baranwen says:

    It’s such a delicate and hobbity approach for a dwarf. I like it. And very nice touch to use a spring cosmetic. I’ve just got that hat for a toon of mine (an elf-lady, a little eccentric) and I noticed the patterns on it, and I thought it had a dwarvish style. And now, I can see it on a dwarf, and it really fits.

  6. I wasn’t sold on it until I saw that leaf on his back. That literally made the whole outfit for me! Such a great detail 🙂

    • It is a great detail. I love those shoulders too, and even though they’re elvish in design, I knew I had to use them for this guy. Glad they helped bring the outfit together for you! 😀

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