Fellowship of the Ring: Peregrin Took

The Fellowship of the Ring was the company chosen by Elrond Halfelven to protect and guide the Ring-bearer on his quest to destroy the One Ring in the fire of Mount Doom. The company was composed of nine, and all of the Free Peoples were represented: Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin for the Hobbits; Legolas for the Elves; Gimli for the Dwarves; Aragorn and Boromir for Men; and Gandalf.

Peregrin, usually called Pippin, was the son and heir of Paladin II, the Thain of the Shire. He was Merry’s first cousin and Frodo’s second cousin once removed. As a Took, he had significant Fallohide ancestry, and was quite fair; his hair was “almost golden”. Along with Sam, he was the youngest of the four hobbits that set out to Rivendell with the Ring, and he was also the smallest (at least at the beginning of the journey). Here Pippin is seen leaving the Great Smials of his family to make the walk up to Bag End Under Hill to help with Frodo’s preparations to move to Crickhollow. Pippin is a cheerful sort and, as a birthday party is planned (with Gandalf expected to be in attendance!), his spirits are high. Though he is one of the Conspirators who secretly knows of Frodo’s plans to leave the Shire, and intends to accompany his cousin, Pippin cannot fathom the shadows that darken the road ahead. Though doubt will be cast upon his suitability for the quest, he will prove to be a most courageous and true Hobbit.

This outfit is the sixth is a collection based on the Fellowship of the Ring. The Tooks were undoubtedly the most well-to-do family in the Shire (being gentleman farmers), so I have chosen a rather fine waistcoat and breeches for Pippin, perhaps unsuitable for a journey out of the Shire — but there is a party expected, after all! The cloak, which features an Arnorian star on the back, I envision as having been given to the Tooks long ago when the Thainship of the Shire came into their family (see Bullroarer and Thain of the Shire). Since there are so many different colours in the undyeable portions of the onesie, the strategy for this outfit is really colour-balance, trying to make a harmonious whole and having the different pieces refer to each other in some way. The shoulders I used have a bit of piping along the right shoulder that takes on very interesting dye shaes. With the shoulders dyed sea blue, the piping becomes forest green, and so I have dyed a portion of the cloak to match. Though difficult so see, the inside of the hood is a bright red that refers to the almost fuschia hue of the waistcoat. The reference to Pippin’s hair being “almost golden” (Hobbits had brown hair) is not in the published text of The Lord of the Rings, but can be found in the unpublished Epiloque in Sauron Defeated (volume 9 of the History of Middle-earth).

  • Head: Urdhol-helm (looted — The Foundry/The Ring-forge of Orthanc), sea blue
  • Shoulders: Elven Traveller’s Shoulder Guards (crafted — tailor T3; or looted — world drop/general; or purchased — Rivendell light armour vendor), sea blue
  • Back: Drape of Evendim (bartered — skirmish camp cosmetics quartermaster/cosmetic items), forest green
  • Chest: Fancy Shirt and Trousers (purchased — Michel Delving outfit vendor), grey

Tips: As an alternative to Urdhol-helm, you could use the Worn Ranger’s Hood (quest reward — epic [75] Volume 3, Book 5, Chapter 1: Separate Ways – Corunir), which dyes an appropriate shade of sea blue to work with the outfit. Unfortunately, it’s quite oversized on Hobbit-lads — you may or may not appreciate the comic effect!

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5 Responses to Fellowship of the Ring: Peregrin Took

  1. Fionnuala says:

    Brilliant! I’ve never taken a close look at that Shirt and Trousers set on high graphics. It’s very nice and very fitting. I love the insight you give into the character.

  2. Ivy says:

    Oms, I never noticed there are stars on that shoulder piece! I’ve only ever used it on a female elf and it kind of looked like a gingham design.

    I like this one a lot, and his hair is my favorite! My little hobbit has that hair too. He really could be Pippin. 🙂

  3. Laenlis says:

    This made me smile SO hard. I love the color balance. You inspire me to be more creative with color! (and hats)

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