Grey Elf

The Grey Elves were those who dwelled in Beleriand in the First Age. They were Teleri, elves of the third host of the Eldar, and had first come into Beleriand on their westward journey toward Valinor. Some of them chose to stay in Middle-earth rather than cross the Sea into the West because one of their two kings, Elwë Singollo, became enchanted in the forest of Nan Elmoth and was lost, and they wished to search for him. These elves in time became known as the Grey Elves, for the exiled Noldor, returning to Middle-earth, saw that although they had answered the summons to Valinor, they had failed to complete their journey, having remained in Beleriand after the return of Elwë. Thus, the Teleri of Beleriand never saw the light of the Two Trees, living instead in the perpetual twilight of Middle-earth. Therefore, the Exiles called them Sindar, “the Grey People”, in their own tongue. The Grey Elves had founded several realms in Beleriand, including Doriath, the kingdom of Elwë (now known as Elu Thingol). They were noble in their own fashion, excellent singers, shipbuilders, and woodsmen. After the War of Wrath brought the First Age to an end, many of the Sindar finally crossed the Sea into the West, but some chose to remain yet longer in Middle-earth. Most of these remained in Lindon with their lord Círdan.

This grey elf is a scout along the enchanted marches of Thingol’s realm of Doriath in the First Age. Though it is said that no evil can breach the Girdle of Melian protecting the realm, it remains wise to have hidden eyes and ears at the borders of the land. Woodcrafty and silent, he is clad in the colours of twilight: soft grey, dusky violet, and muted blue. His hooded cloak, embroidered with a floral motif, was woven by the maidens of Melian the Maia, wife to King Thingol, and thus has a virtue of secrecy and concealment. Wearing it, he can appear to be little more than an indistinct blur melting silently into the twilit woods, the sound of his passage just the rustling of fallen leaves or swish of an owl taking wing.

This is a fairly simple outfit combination but, I hope, an effective one. I wanted to create a look suitable for a grey elf that emphasized soft, muted colours without being necessarily all dark grey from head to toe. It was also a great opportunity to use these leggings, which are rarely seen but have a very pretty, undyeable bluish-grey portion.

  • Shoulders: Elven Steel Shoulder Guards (crafted — metalsmith T3; looted — world drop/general; or purchased — Rivendell heavy armour vendor), rust
  • Back: Harbinger’s Cloak (pre-order — Siege of Mirkwood), violet
  • Chest: Rock-climber’s Armour (crafted — tailor T6), white
  • Hands: Gloves of Forbidden Love (quest reward — Great River [70] A Reasonable Request), violet
  • Legs: Ceremonial Trousers of the Learned (bartered — skirmish camp cosmetics quartermaster/Helegrod cosmetic clothing – light), grey
  • Feet: Ceremonial Boots of the Quiet Step (bartered — skirmish camp cosmetics quartermaster/Moria cosmetic clothing – medium), violet

Tips: I chose the boots used in this outfit because of the small section on their heels which nicely matches the undyeable, greyish-blue portion of the leggings. They have the same appearance as the ones from the other level 60 Mines of Moria instance cluster medium armour sets. There are a number of other elf-style boots that have a similar colour that would make great alternatives, including the Boots of the Swift Arrow (bartered — Ost Galadh Hunter trainer), the Shoes of the Learned Master (bartered — Ost Galadh Lore-master trainer), and the High-warden’s Boots (bartered — Ost Galadh Warden trainer). If you don’t have access to the Cloak of the Harbinger, a great alternative would be the Cloak of the Rescuer (quest reward — Great River [75] Neighbours Meet), which has the same appearance as the Cloak of the Harbinger except that the hood is thrown back. The gloves in this outfit were formerly available as part of the level 65 Ettenmoors medium armour sets.

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13 Responses to Grey Elf

  1. Laenlis says:

    Oooh, Starry. I love this. The complexity of Elven heritage fascinates me; thank you for writing about it! I eat up just about any reference to Doriath. And the outfit has such a soft feel, quiet and serene. Very well done.

    • Thank you Laenlis! I love the complex history of the ongoing splintering of the Eldar as well, it’s so interesting. Really glad that soft, sort of blurred feeling I was trying to achieve came through for you! 😀

  2. Elenluin says:

    That chestpiece looks great in grey. I’ve only ever seen in its bright colours, which seem rather garish to me. I also like how the blue of the leggings seems to match the bluey forest atmosphere. I feel like Treebeard, too bad all of the forests of Beleriand are gone.

    • Yes, it’s very sad. 😦 Just little pockets like the Old Forest remaining, which gave me the idea to take the screenshots there. When I got there, I was thrilled to notice, as you pointed out, that the misty ambience of the forest is a good colour match for the leggings. I love when fortunate accidents in outfitting take place! 😀

      • Elenluin says:

        I never thought of it that way, of course he said that it was all part of one forest. What other small details might I have missed, thanks a lot for enlightening me :).

  3. Beautiful muted soft colours. Those pastel leggings are strange but with that shirt you have found a small piece of powdery blue to match them. At first glance none of these pieces seem to match but set in the entourage like this, the whole outfit comes to life. Very lovely!

  4. Iaksones says:

    Very well put together color scheme. Starting with the torso and legs you’ve got your core blue and grey, with little bits of gold and violet that serve as premonitions of what’s to come as you shift your gaze to the extremities of this outfit.

  5. Freyjuska says:

    lovely outfit, but I have to admit I don’t like the colors 😦 they match perfectly, but too much grey without something really bright to compensate it is not my cup of tea. maybe that’s why I was born a hobbit and not a grey elf 😉

    otherwise, perfect outfit and lore background, as always 🙂

  6. firestorm953 says:

    Elves never were my favorite, but I have to say you’ve done a great job on this outfit! 🙂

  7. Sade says:

    Before I talk about the outfit, I have to nitpick about a detail:
    “Descended from the Teleri, the third host of the Eldar-”
    Correction: Sindarin weren’t descended from Teleri. They were Teleri, just like Teleri were Sindarin. Sindarin, Falmari (Cirdan’s folk) and Teleri as well as Laiquendi are all one people, just with different dwelling places. For clarity’s sake, might I suggest using either Nelyar or Lindar? 🙂

    And now to the outfit…
    The location you’ve picked is truly unbelievable. Beautiful lighting, rich shades, lushness… not to mention anything about the mist matching perfectly the pants’ shade. It’s easy to believe this would truly be Doriath.
    The violet is a surprising colour, if only because it fits in so well. Similarly the golden trims of the gloves and the boots, the corresponding gold of the chest create a balanced whole.

    That chest-piece is something I love. It’s so very uniquely elvish, it’s hard to find something that might come close. The vine-like designs and the golden leaf closures, not to mention the texture that imitates leaves just… Rock-climber’s gear is a wonderful set, imo.
    Nice to see the chest paired with other leggings, though, that fit lovely. 🙂

    • Very good point and thank you for the correction, Sade! 🙂 Of course they would be the very same elves now given a new name(s). The phrasing to use gets a bit funny when dealing with effectively immortal beings! I’ll edit the text to be more accurate.

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