Fellowship of the Ring: Gimli

The Fellowship of the Ring was the company chosen by Elrond Halfelven to protect and guide the Ring-bearer on his quest to destroy the One Ring in the fire of Mount Doom. The company was composed of nine, and all of the Free Peoples were represented: Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin for the Hobbits; Legolas for the Elves; Gimli for the Dwarves; Aragorn and Boromir for Men; and Gandalf.

Late in the year of IIIA 3017, the Dwarves of Erebor had been approached by a messenger of Sauron seeking information concerning halflings and what the messenger described as a mere trifle, “the least of rings”. Of course the ring sought for by Sauron was none other than the One Ring, but the dwarves of Erebor did not know this. The messenger’s manner shifted from cajoling to ominously threatening, and the dwarves sued for time to consider their response. With time running out a year later, it was decided that a delegation should be sent to Rivendell to confer with Elrond on the matter. Among the members of this delegation were the lord Glóin and his son, Gimli. During the Council of Elrond, the dwarves shared their grim tidings, and Gimli was later appointed to the company of the Nine Walkers. A formidable warrior, he alone of the company openly wore armour: a finely-crafted “short shirt of steel-rings” for, we are told, “dwarves make light of burdens”; and he carried a “broad-bladed axe” tucked into his belt. Gimli must have been pleased to be selected as a member of the company, for he had wished to partake in the Quest of Erebor nearly eighty years earlier. At that time, he was young, only in his sixties, and was not allowed to join Thorin’s company. Now he sets out on a new quest, part of a different company, and yet part of the same tale — for the Great Tales never truly end.

This outfit is the seventh in a collection of portraits based on the Fellowship of the Ring. As with most of my Fellowship collection (except Gandalf the Grey), I’ve tried to avoid letting the popular depictions of the character to influence my outfit design. In Gimli’s case, very little physical description is given in the text, so my imagination was free to run fairly wild. Since he alone of the company wore armour (openly), I had the opportunity to use some heavier-looking pieces. I’ve gone a bit beyond the description given in the book by giving Gimli a breastplate over a mail shirt, but as with my Strider outfit, I did it in the name of making an interesting otufit. And I must say I’m really pleased with the way this outfit turned out! I wanted to visually contrast Gimli’s outfit with the one I put together for Legolas; therefore the colour scheme for Gimli is composed of jewel tones, whereas Legolas’s pieces were all in earth tones. Thus, in addition to symbolising their initial mutual suspicion with the two opposing colour schemes, the scheme for Gimli might allude to skill as a craftsman, while Legolas’s was meant to highlight the elf’s skill as an outdoorsman.

  • Head: Sellsword’s Helm (crafted — metalsmith T6), burgundy
  • Shoulders: Leather Shoulder-guards of the Leaping Stag (quest reward — Dunland [66] Plunderers’ Plunder), burgundy
  • Back: Worn Cloak of the Ranger (quest reward — epic [75] Volume 3, Book 5, Chapter 1: Separate Ways – Radanir), Evendim blue
  • Chest: Ceremonial Rift Defender’s Breastplate (bartered — skirmish camp cosmetics quartermaster/Rift cosmetic clothing – heavy), burgundy
  • Hands: Fel-durnvol (looted — Rise of Isengard instance cluster), burgundy
  • Legs: Ceremonial Trousers of the Stone-student (bartered — skirmish camp cosmetics quartermaster/Moria cosmetic clothing – heavy), navy
  • Feet: Ceremonial Boots of the Graven Word (bartered — skirmish camp cosmetics quartermaster/Rift cosmetic clothing – light), navy

Tips: If you would like to bring a bit of the burgundy element of the colour scheme onto the cloak, and you don’t mind using a piece that isn’t particularly thematic to Gimli, an excellent alternative to the Worn Cloak of the Ranger is Wig-feld (looted — Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu/Thaurlach), dyed burgundy. A cosmetic version of Wig-feld is available from the LOTRO Store. If you do not have access to the shoulders or gloves used in this outfit, these items share their appearance with a number of Dunland quest rewards. The shoulders can also be obtained as Lynx-hide Shoulder Pads (bartered — Galtrev, Forthbrond or Grimbold’s Camp Rohirrim quatermaster/Riders of Théodred reputation). The leggings in this outfit have the same appearance as the leggings from the other level 58 Mines of Moria instance cluster light armour sets.

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15 Responses to Fellowship of the Ring: Gimli

  1. I’m speechless. This is soooo beautiful! I love it, and you really did Gimli justice. It’s difficult to go beyond the stereo-types when someone has been re-imagined already myriad times, but you did an awesome job. I think I like this one best of the entire fellowship, though Gandalf shares first place. Maybe you could photoshop them all together in one screenshot when the fellowship is completed? In any case, very well done!

    • Yay, thanks Hymne! 😀 I’m really pleased with this one. 🙂 Funny you should mention photoshopping them all together… I was actually kicking around the idea that maybe, once I do outfits for Merry and Boromir, it would be possible to get nine helpful souls together to recreate the outfits and have a big group screenshot session leaving Rivendell or something. I will definitely revisit this idea in the future!

  2. Ivy says:

    Ooh, this one looks fantastic! And as usual, love the accompanying prose, which I enjoy as much as the outfit.

    The colors you chose are very easy on the eyes and I agree with Hymne, Gimli could totally wear this! I also really like the contrast between Legolas and Gimli’s outfits; it reflects their different personalities as well.

    Thank you, Starry. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the kind comment, Ivy! 🙂 I really felt the creative juices for this one got flowing when I thought about how I might be able to visually contrast Gimli with Legolas, glad to hear it’s effective!

  3. shipwreck says:

    This looks great! I especially like the color scheme.

    Being a fellow nerd, I do have one gripe though: it’s said that Gimli wore a hood. I like that you departed from other versions of his image, esp. that of LOTRO, but, for me, the hood is a defining characteristic for Gimli and the dwarves en masse.

    What do you think about that?

    • D’oh!! I missed/forgot about the hood! (Do you have a chapter reference to help refresh my memory?) And I quite agree with you, ever since the “best detachable party-hoods” I feel hoods are a key part of Dwarf-style.

      Fortunately, there is a qiuck and easy solution to this! For anyone outfitting along at home, replace the helm with the Traveller’s Hood from the LOTRO store which has almost the exact same base colour as the Worn Cloak of the Ranger. Therefore that hood, dyed Evendim blue, should very closely match the cloak and look all of one piece.

      Thanks for keeping me honest, Shipwreck! 😉

      • shipwreck says:

        Hehe, no problem!

        I don’t have the book on me, but after they find Balin’s Tomb I believe it says something about Gimli “pulling his hood low”. I’ll try to remember to find the specific quote once I get home, but I know there’s at least a few references out there in the text proper.

        • Yes! Now I remember, it’s while he is mourning (surprisingly openly, maybe Dwarves have very public grieving rituals like some Primary World cultures, hmmmmm….) next to Balin’s tomb.

          Thanks for reminding me, can’t believe I forgot about this!

      • Iaksones says:

        Out of curiosity, how do you think the Halls of Night hood would work with that cloak?

  4. Iaksones says:

    Well matched outfit there. I feel like the Rift heavy armor–especially the Captain and Guardian stuff–is difficult to match with non-set pieces. So good job creating an outfit from such diverse pieces.

    Cool mix of medium and heavy armor to represent a traveling warrior.

    • Thanks Jackson! 🙂 I agree, they are a bit tricky to combine with other pieces. I was really excited when it occurred to me to try out this combination and it worked!

      I haven’t experimented with combining the Halls of Night hood with the Worn Ranger’s Cloak, but I suspect it might be difficult. The Halls of Night Hood has a very white base colour and so dyes brightly and purely, whereas the Traveller’s Hood has that pale, muted green base colour which is very similar if not identical to the cloak’s base colour.

  5. Freyjuska says:

    I’ll be echoing Hymne now – when I first saw this outfit, I sighed with “soooooo beautiful”! really, it’s probably the best looking dwarf I’ve ever seen and I like the use of gentle colors, although they don’t make the outfit too feminine. awesome job!

    • Thanks Frey! I created this dwarf so I could use some champ skill poses (which I didn’t really end up using) and now I kind of feel like I actually want to level him just because I like this outfit so much, haha! 😛

  6. Nice outfit, and in burgundy, my favorite color:) i really should do something more with my dwarf toon, some items look very good on dwarves.

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