Stalwart of Sarn Ford

Sarn Ford was a shallow, stony crossing of the Brandywine River on the southern bounds of the Shire. The ford was reached by taking a road south from Waymeet, which then continued up the opposite bank of the Brandywine to eventually meet the Greenway. In the waning days of the Third Age, Sarn Ford was covertly guarded by the Rangers of the North (or the Watchers, as they were known somewhat mysteriously to the Hobbits) as part of their discreet protection of the Shire. On the night of 22 September, IIIA 3018, the Rangers defending the ford were attacked and defeated by the Black Riders, their forces slain or scattered.

This Ranger is one of those who regularly patrols the country near the ford. Though the protection of the Shire and its inhabitants is a duty which he takes very seriously, he enjoys his post, for the Shire is pleasant and beautiful territory. But on this evening in early autumn, as dusk falls a shadow and a fear has been growing in his mind and those of his fellow Rangers. They have gathered at the ford to take counsel and tell all that has met their eyes and ears. While none is sure what is amiss, a feeling of cold dread steals up the road from the south, ever approaching the ford, and the Shire beyond. The Rangers steel themselves, loosening their swords in their scabbards, and hefting their shields. Only the rushing of the waters of the Brandywine can be heard as evening’s shadow deepens. Then, they hear it: the sound of approaching hoof-beats from accross the ford. Could it be their chief, Aragorn? But no, the gloom around the road parts to revel nine terrible riders, shrouded in darkness, upon nine black steeds.

One way to make an outfit that stands out is to use an unusual colour instead of unusual pieces. This outfit’s constituent parts are very common, but I tried to make the outfit pop by taking advantage of the unusual base colour of the robe, shoulder guards, and gloves. These are the only items I know of in-game that have this Wedgwood-green colour, and unfortunately this outfit will only work on a Man (not Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits, or even Women) because on all other characters, the Wedgwood-green portion of the shoulder guards becomes red instead. On a different topic, I hope everyone likes the recent changes I made to the appearance of the blog as well as the couple new features I added like the “Popular Today” thumbnails in the sidebar and “You may also like” suggestions at the bottom of posts. Please feel free to let me know what you think!

  • Head: Traveller’s Hood (purchased — LOTRO Store), white
  • Shoulders: Explorer’s Shoulder Guards (crafted — tailor T4; or looted — world drop/general), indigo
  • Back: Worn Cloak of the Ranger (quest reward — epic [75] Volume 3, Book 5, Chapter 1: Separate Ways – Radanir), default
  • Chest: Dwarf-robe (purchased — Thorin’s Hall light armour vendor; or looted — world drop/general), default
  • Hands: Ceremonial Beast-master Gloves (bartered — skirmish camp cosmetics quartermaster/Helegrod cosmetic clothing – light), default
  • Feet: Elven Hunter’s Boots (crafted — tailor T4; looted — world drop/general; or purchased — LOTRO Store), rust
  • Shield: Recruit’s Heavy Shield of Adlan (bartered — skirmish camp heavy armour vendor/level 23)

Tips: If you’d like to eliminate the purplish colour from the outfit, you could dye the shoulders rust or sienna to match the robe’s waistcoat, and then replace the boots with crafted/world drop elf-style shoes. Some of these shoes, when dye-washed, have a pale sage-green upper that would match the outfit quite well.

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17 Responses to Stalwart of Sarn Ford

  1. Aaah you made such beautiful dreamy colours there! They are soft and natural. Lovely! Shame though that you cannot use those colours on a female character because the shoulders will be orange, not green 😦
    I love the changes to your blog, the background is very nice and the header with the ring and blog name is awesome. The popular widget in the sidebar is also a very good addition. Truly nice!

    • Thanks Hymne! Yes, I have bugged those shoulders in the past, so far no fix! Same with all the cloaks they changed the base colours on. 😦

      Glad to hear you like the changes to the blog appearance as well, thanks for the feedback! 🙂

  2. serendistupidity says:

    Dear Starry,

    Thank you very much for sharing this outfit! Great to see the commonly available items put together into an excellent themed outfit. The casual look of this ranger surely won’t startle the small folk, should they stumble on him.
    This outfit also features the very cloak I would like to use on my little hobbit, and now I know where it comes from. 🙂 Do you happen to know about other calf-length plain cloaks which can be acquired on lower levels?

    • Thank you very much, Serendistupidity! I think your best bet for a plain cloak easily obtained at lower levels would be the “Plain Cloak” available at the various outfitter vendors. There are both hooded and hoodless versions, and they have a nice “weather-worn” effect. They also dye nicely in just about every colour. Hope that’s helpful info! 🙂

    • firestorm953 says:

      What range of levels did you want a cloak for? I have some ideas depending on what level you want your cloak for. . .

  3. I think my favorite part of the outfit is the shield. It’s the perfect addition to the natural/worn look of your ranger.

  4. Nice outfit:) Funny thing, I think I used that same shield in an outfit for my Guardian recently, gonna have to check it though. I think there are many rather dull-looking shields in the game, would be nice to have some more stylish options, but this one is perfect for this outfit:)

    • Thanks Adventurer! I sort of like that we have some shields that are more on the “dull and realistic” side as well, but you’re right some truly flashy ones would be most welcome too! As would cosmetic shields, like I always seem to rant about! 😛

  5. Nathrien says:

    I love the natural look here in terms of appearance and colors! The soft greens and blues make it easier to blend into the leafy backgrounds of the Shire…very fitting for someone who guards those lands from danger. Also, I love the use of the early and easily obtainable pieces of this outfit : )

    • Thank you very much Nathrien! I sometimes feel like I’m going to disappoint readers when I make outfits that aren’t mostly made of the “latest and greatest” pieces, so it’s wonderful to hear that interesting combinations of older, accessible pieces are appreciated too. I also try to remind myself that maybe there are people new to LOTRO who might see these outfits, and it will all be new to them! 🙂

    • Ivy says:

      This! Just what I wanted to say. You have a gift for adding just the right touches to an outfit that would be the same old thing otherwise. That is talent. Can I be like you when I grow up, Starry? 😉

  6. Iaksones says:

    I always learn something from reading this blog. Today it’s Wedgewood green. Thank you! haha

    As Leeann said earlier, the shield is great. Faded and functional looking. It’s a shame sometimes its the weapon or shield that add so much character to an outfit, but we can’t reasonable go sporting those in our normal game play :(. At least we’re getting warhorse cosmetics huh? I’ve been really excited about that today (I went down my blogroll and Hymne was at the top with this horse).

    • Yes, cosmetic weapons and shields are probably my most longed-for feature in LOTRO. But I do think the warhorse cosmetics are going to open up a world of possibilities! I’m really looking forward to playing around with the system as well as seeing what everyone comes up.

      Also, always glad to hear when there is something edjumacational on my blog! 😛

  7. Daeross says:

    I was -just- talking about Sarn Ford with a pal the other day!

    As for the outfit…Here’s the best interpretation of a Ranger I’ve seen so far, imo. No heavy, noisy pieces of armour; no shining metal save in the blade; no glaring colours. This Ranger would be able to move about as quickly and quietly as he needs to,
    And somehow, the shield is the perfect finish; the worn wood, the simple shape.

    Thank you for letting us see this! 😀

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