NPC Look-alike Contest

Win a Riders of Rohan Legendary Edition or Turbine Points!

With great excitement and anticipation I am proud to announce that two of the most active and popular Lotro Outfit blogs, Cosmetic Lotro and The Starry Mantle, have joined forces to host an unprecedented Look-alike Contest! The assignment is to get your imagination going and create an outfit that resembles the attire of an NPC (Non-player Character) in Middle-earth. This NPC can be anyone from any level and any region, friend or foe, quest giver or vendor, foot soldier or hero.

Now we are well aware that the Lotro NPCs have some stunning outfits that we don’t have access to, but the challenge is to find something that both resembles the NPC’s outfit and is evidence of your own creativity. Your screenshot must have both your character and the NPC  in it, preferably close to each other!

The four criteria that we will use to judge your entry are:

  • Resemblance to the NPC’s outfit
  • Difficulty to match and originality of the presented solution
  • Overall impression and aesthetics of the outfit
  • Presentation and atmosphere of the screenshot

In this contest we will be awarding two first-place prizes, a second-place prize, and a third-place prize! In order to facilitate this contest, Turbine has kindly sponsored us with the following amazing prizes:

First-place (1) will win a Riders of Rohan Legendary Edition!*

First-place (2) will win 1500 Turbine Points!*

Second-place will win 1000 Turbine Points!

Third-place will win 500 Turbine Points!

How to enter the contest:

The contest begins on Monday, September 10th, 2012 and will run alongside the Player-run Events. Entries may be submitted until midnight Eastern Standard Time on Friday, September 21st, 2012.

To enter the Look-alike Contest, send your entry to outfitblogs(AT) with the subject line “Look-alike Contest”. An entry must consist of only one screenshot. You may enter as many different outfits as you like, but each entry must be sent in a separate email. All screenshots must be unedited. The larger the resolution the better, but cropping is allowed to a minimum size of at least 1024×768. Screenshots must be sent as email attachments in .jpg or .png format. All entries must include the following information: the name, class and level of the character in the screenshots, the server the character resides on, all armour and outfit pieces used in the screenshots and their respective dye colours. All entries must be original and created and/or owned exclusively by the player submitting the screenshot. Winning entries will be featured on both Outfit Blogs.

Four prizes will be awarded: First Prize is either a Riders of Rohan Legendary Edition or a code for 1500 Turbine Points, Second Prize is a code for 1000 Turbine Points and Third Prize is a code for 500 Turbine Points. All prizes courtesy of Turbine.

* IMPORTANT! If you do not wish to be eligible for the Riders of Rohan Legendary Edition (because you already own it), please notify us in your email when sending us your screenshot. We will make sure your entry will only compete for the Turbine Point code prizes.

All decisions will be made at the discretion of The Outfit Blogs (Cosmetic Lotro and The Starry Mantle) and are final.

As an example of an NPC look-alike concept, I present an old outfit from a while back here on The Starry Mantle: Gandalf! But remember, the NPC you choose for your outfit could be anyone, friend or foe, major or minor character. You may also wish to check out Hymne’s announcement over on Cosmetic Lotro for additional examples.

Good luck, have fun, and happy outfitting!

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12 Responses to NPC Look-alike Contest

  1. Chocoholic says:

    This is a wonderful idea! Oh boy, another reason to go hunting for an outfit 😀 Great ideas and kuddos to the both of you!

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  3. Iaksones says:

    “Originality of the presented solution?”
    Sounds as if I need to reach into my rare hat bag for this

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  5. Ivy says:

    Thank you for co-hosting such a great event! It’s great being a part of such an involved community, I can’t wait to see everyone’s creations. 🙂

    • It is absolutely my pleasure to co-host along with Hymne! I agree with you, the community of LOTRO has always been one of the great strengths of the game, and I’m just glad that some folks enjoy my creations enough to give me the opportunity to put on this kind of contest. 🙂

  6. Iaksones says:

    I got my buddy to dress up like Filikul. Hopefully he actually sent in the pictures.

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