The Fellowship of the Ring Assembled

Last February I decided to run a “collection”, a series of thematically related outfits, based on the members of the Fellowship of the Ring. I began with a portrait of Frodo, as is only natural, and now, with this week’s portrait of Boromir, each of the Nine Walkers has been depicted. On an excellent suggestion from my fellow cosmetics blogger Hymne, I’ve put together a composite scene so that they call all be viewed together; therefore I present “The Fellowship departs Rivendell”!

Please click on the picture for a larger version.

The Fellowship assembled

Even though I’ve now presented an outfit for each member of the Fellowship, I’m not quite done with them yet. I have some ideas which I hope you’ll all enjoy that I plan to work on in the coming months, spread out amongst my regular weekly outfit posts. In the meantime, if you’d like to see the individual outfit posts for each member of the Fellowship that I presented throughout the past year, please click on the banners below.

Frodo Baggins button

Samwise Gamgee button

Gandalf the Grey button

Aragorn as Strider button

Boromir button

Peregrin Took button

Meriadoc Brandybuck button

Gimli button

Legolas button

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13 Responses to The Fellowship of the Ring Assembled

  1. So nice! This turned out awesome! Really great seeing them all in Rivendell. Now about that teaser in the second paragraph, I guess you’re not going to give any hints? 😛

    • Yay, thanks Hymne! This was really fun to put together, it was a great suggestion. 🙂

      Hmmm, a hint… notice how I titled Aragorn’s outfit “Aragorn as Strider”. That’s all I’ll say for now! (Haha, probably pretty obvious and not that mindblowing, but how often do I get a chance to be cryptic :P)

  2. shipprekk says:

    One does not simply…I mean, and my axe…ah, forget it.

    Love the shot! I think Frodo is my fav.

    • [weird Aragorn voice] It has no other master!!! [/weird Aragorn voice]

      Lol! Thanks so much Shipwreck!

    • Scott says:

      My favorite quote from that scene is Elrond’s “It must be taken deep into Mordor and cast back into the fiery pit from which it came. One of YOU must do this”. If I were there I might have piped up, “Uh, you’re the ancient, powerful Elf lord, shouldn’t YOU do it? Oh, send the hobbit farmers instead, that’s cool.”

  3. Malacon says:

    These are fantastic! Bravo!

  4. Baranwen says:

    Very nice! Congrats for all the series!

  5. Zaianya says:

    Wonderful to see all of them together–and in a way, I think each outfit is elevated by seeing how it fits in with the group!

  6. oh *blush* this may be a bit of a late comment but I just gotta say that this is amazing! 😀
    They’re all looking very nice, both togheter and individually! ^_^
    My favorite gotta be Sam, he’s sooo cute! I aslo really like the cheerful colours in Pippins outfit. Gandalf looks just perfect and Gimlis outfit is really outstanding and well-matched.
    Aragorn is a little more colourful then I usually imagine him but those green colours are so pretty and sometimes even a ranger should be allowed to look fancy me thinks! 😀 (specially if he’s a future king!)

    • Thank you so much Rosline! You’re definitely on the same line of thinking as me about Aragorn. They are a pretty colourful bunch, but hey I like colour in my outfits, hehe! So glad you enjoyed this, cheers! 😀

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