The Starry Mantle on Pinterest

Hi folks,

As usual, I’m pretty behind the times in this — but I’m pleased to announce that The Starry Mantle is now on Pinterest, and I invite you to come by and check it out.

I’ve set up two pin boards:

The first board, “The Starry Mantle” of course features each and every outfit that I have presented here on the blog. If you haven’t been following the blog since the beginning, or if you haven’t stopped by in a while, browsing this board is a great way to quickly catch up and see all the outfits I’ve shared.

The second board, “Inspiring Outfitters“, features some of my favourite outfits from other LOTRO outfitters, including bloggers and users on the LOTRO forums. There are plenty of creative people working with the outfit system, and this board is my way to showcase those that have inspired me the most.

Naturally, this won’t affect things here at The Starry Mantle. This is just an additional way to share outfits and for me to save my faves from other outfitters. I’ll be continuing to add to both boards, and I look forward to seeing you there!

I’ll be back on Wednesday for this week’s outfit, which I’m really pleased with and I hope you’ll all enjoy. Until then, happy outfitting!

— Starry

Starry on Pinterest

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4 Responses to The Starry Mantle on Pinterest

  1. gloredh says:

    nice idea 🙂 I’ve only recently started following your blog, and the pinterest board will make it quicker and easier to browse all your creations! keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Starry, I keep starting to make a comment on each post to say, Wow – that is my favorite, but your outfits and site are just so amazing they are all my favorites. This shot with the hobbit looks simple but is gorgeous and lively. You are an awesome original. /bow

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