Mugshot Contest

The Starry Mantle is teaming up with Cosmetic Lotro to bring you the Mugshot Contest!

Is your hobbit accused of pie-theft? Possession of felony amounts of pipeweed? Is your elf a fugitive from First Age justice? Has your dwarf been convicted of conspiracy to break and enter a dragon’s lair? Is your man or woman racing warsteeds under the influence? Even worse, has your character forsaken the Free Peoples and committed some truly dark deeds?

We want to see mugshots of your villains, crooks, and jailbirds and hear about their crimes! Your submission can be as lighthearted or serious as you like.


This out-of-control party-girl is the terror of the Prancing Pony! Public drunkenness, table dancing, and being a general nuisance have led to her posing for her very own mugshot.



To enter the mugshot-contest you must take two waist-up screenshots of your villain: one front picture and one profile picture. You may cut and/or crop your screenshots as needed, just keep them as large as possible and use the highest resolution available. If you have sufficient image editing skills, you can proceed to blend these two screenshots into one image and present us with a genuine “mugshot” (just like you see in the above example in this post or in Hymne’s announcement; suggested size for a finished mugshot is 800 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall). If you don’t have enough image editing experience don’t worry! We will make sure your images will be edited into a proper “mugshot”. You may enter the contest with a maximum of three different mugshots, but each entry must be in a separate email. You must send your entries to outfitblogs(AT) with the subject line “mugshot contest” before 28 June 2013, midnight Eastern Standard Time.

Please include the following information with your entry:

  • Name of the character in the screenshot
  • Server the character resides on

Crime story

To enter the crime story contest you must first enter the mugshot contest. Write up a short description of the crime that the villain in the mugshot has been accused of and include it in the email with your mugshot entry. The description of the crime may not exceed 200 words.


Four prizes will be awarded:

Mugshot First Prize: 1500 Turbine Points

Mugshot Second Prize: 1000 Turbine Points

Mugshot Third Prize: 500 Turbine Points

Crime Story Prize: code for in-game title “The Sociable”
+ code for account wide “Cremello Mount”

All prizes courtesy of Turbine.

IMPORTANT: It is possible to win a prize in the Mugshot contest + the Crime Story Prize. These prizes are NOT mutually exclusive! However, it is also possible to win the Crime Story contest, without winning a prize in the Mugshot contest.


The criteria used to judge your “mugshot” entries are:

  • Appearance of the villain (hair, face, hat, outfit, handheld items, etc.)
  • Expression of the villain (emotes, motions, pose)
  • Atmosphere of the screenshot (location, background, lighting)
  • Overall impression (very subjective and at the discretion of the outfit blogs)

The criteria used to judge your “crime story” entries are:

  • Originality of the crime involved
  • Quality of the story/description

Good luck and have fun!

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