Mugshot Contest Winners

Thank you very much to everyone who participated in the mugshot contest! My partner in crime, Hymne of Cosmetic Lotro, and I very much enjoyed seeing your shamefaced villains in their booking shots and reading their rap sheets!

Without further ado, I’m pleased to announce the perps and their sentences… I mean, the winners and their prizes!

Mugshot 1st Prize (1500 Turbine points)
Runcible of Snowbourn

Runcible of Snowbourn

Runcible Spooner has had his knuckles rapped for a Boardinghouse Reach violation and dishing up dessert with a non-regulation spoon.  In addition to incarceration, his super-sized spoon has been confiscated.

Mugshot 2nd Prize (1000 Turbine points)
Margeylane of Brandywine

Margeylane of Brandywine

Margeylane delivered a terrible-tasting pie to the guards at Bree Jail and was nabbed on counts of Criminal Culinary Craft and Purveying of Potash Pudding. Yuck!

Mugshot 3rd Prize (500 Turbine points)
Dhelin of Estel

Dhelin of Estel

Dhelin, barber to all dwarves under the mountain, had a bit of a drinking problem and an unsteady hand, causing his shears to slip while trimming a customer’s beard. The victim was shorn too short and deeply shamed. Stripped of his clothes and his pride, Dhelin was imprisoned in a dank cave.

Crime Story Prize (“The Sociable” title and account-wide Cremello steed)
Thego of Firefoot

Thego of Firefoot

Thego was trying to impress the ladies, as he often did. This time his eye had been caught by Rosemary, a hobbit-lass working at the Prancing Pony. “Every woman likes cats”, Thego thought, and so he scouted around Bree, looking for one. He came across a house full of cats, and sneakily carried one off. “She has so many, she won’t notice if I take one,” he thought. Little did he know it was the cat lady’s favorite, Horatio, that he had stolen. It was only after sitting in jail for two days that he found out Rosemary was allergic to cats.

Please note that the crime stories have been summarised, except for our winning crime story from Thego of Firefoot, which appears in full as originally written.

Convicts winners, please check your email and enjoy your prizes!

I hope you all enjoyed this contest, and a big thanks to my co-host Hymne as well as Turbine, who supplied our prizes. I’ll be back with a new outfit next Wednesday 10 July, so until then, happy outfitting!

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11 Responses to Mugshot Contest Winners

  1. Dhelin says:

    Sure I have enjoyed. It was a very fun to participate contest, and an original one I though.

    The cherry on the cake is that I win something with my minimalistic outfit, it’s unexpected considering the supposed talent of the viewers of such a wonderful blog.

    Thanks to you two.

    • Hi Dhelin, congratulations on your win! We were very impressed by the artistic look of your mugshot and the poor dwarf’s mournful expression. Thanks for taking part in the contest, and enjoy your prize! 😀

  2. Fionnuala says:

    I was going to submit something about my Hobbit being found guilty of belligerent use of a bagpipe, but never got around to it. Ah well. Congrats to the winners!

  3. Laurelinde says:

    Runcie is still behind bars, so I must offer thanks to Starry, Hymne and Turbine on his behalf. (His kin thought it best to waive bail and leave him to sit and stew a bit. They also thought it wise to have a huge party and stuff themselves silly in his absence.)

    The contest was enormous fun and I love the crime stories!

  4. Margeylane says:


    Just wanted to say thank you! This was such a fun contest and extra neat to have won something. I agree with Dhelin that this was a really original contest. Now everywhere I go I’m noticing great locations for jail pictures (like the tavern in Snowbourn) lol.

    Thanks again and gratz to all the winners! I really felt bad for Dhelin and I’ll always remember to say hey to Horatio when I pass by the cat house. Props to Runcible for getting his arm through the bars like that. 😀

  5. Woot! I come home from a trip abroad and find my own little story the winner! That was a pleasant surprise if I ever had one:) Been smiling to myself all day and am very grateful and humbled that you liked my crime story so much:) Thank you, you made my day:)

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