Adventurous Took-lad

Daring and dashing

The Took clan was one of the oldest and richest hobbit-families in the Shire. Gentleman farmers, their ancestral hall was the Great Smials of Tuckborough, and the countryside around it was known as the Tookland. They also held the Shire’s only inherited office, that of the Thain, which the Oldbuck family had handed to Isumbras the First some six centuries before the end of the Third Age. The Tooks, while very well-to-do, were considered less respectable than other Hobbit families. This was because they had a reputation for eccentric behaviour, including going off on scandalous adventures. Folktales had it that their adventurous streak was due to one of the Tookish ancestors having taken a fairy bride, but the reality was that Tookish boldness probably stemmed from their significant Fallohide ancestry. In any event, the Tooks were known to be friendly with the wandering conjurer Gandalf the Grey — a most disreputable vagabond.

Gone a-rambling

Having heard the stories of his ancestors who had gone off into the Blue or who had gone to sea, this young Took-lad has set out, with little more than the pack on his back, to find his own adventure. Enjoying the fine weather and the pleasant country north of the Shire, he hasn’t any real plan or destination, but he does have it in mind to seek for buried treasure, for there are many old ruins beyond the Bounds. Therefore, he has packed a pickaxe and a pair of dowsing pendulums. (Some of his older cousins were sure to make it known before he set out that they considered the latter nothing but superstitious fiddle-faddle.) He has also brought a prospector’s pan in the event that he spies a likely stream. Being a bold Took with a flair for the dramatic, he is handsomely dressed in black and gold, and has decorated his wide-brimmed hat with several jaunty pheasant-feathers. He is ready for anything the wide world might throw at him!

Kitted out

I hope everyone is enjoying summertime, and soon-to-be enjoying the summer festival that kicks off later today in-game. Other than today’s patch, things have been pretty quiet lately on the LOTRO front, and that put me in mind of a hobbit out for a summer ramble. I’ve said before that I find hobbits tough to outfit, mostly because of the comparative dearth of hobbit-appropriate clothing available to us (not to mention their plump little figures), but I’m always excited to find use for the various funny feathered hats we have in-game. They’re the perfect thing to help create a suitably Hobbit-y look, and this time I decided to try for a slightly more bold and dashing appearance. I hope it pleases!

He'd likely not be home for supper

  • Head: Hat of Thelin (bartered — Ox-clan merchant camp Minstrel trader/Minstrel raid armour), white
  • Shoulders: Shoulder Pads of Resolve (bartered — Ox-clan Merchant camp Minstrel trader/Minstrel instance armour), black
  • Back: Treasure Hunter’s Pack (bartered — Treasure Hunt base camp reward quartermaster), black
  • Chest: Armour of the Shadow-walker (bartered — skirmish camp classic quartermaster/Barad Guldur – level 65 medium), black
  • Hands: Lore-keeper’s Gloves (bartered — skirmish camp classic quartermaster/Barad Guldur – level 65 light), black
  • Legs: Lesser Voice of the West Leggings (bartered — Harndirion novices quartermaster/tier 1 difficulty Minstrel armour), black

Tips: If you prefer to save some medallions, a hat with the same appearance as the Hat of Thelin is available at Lalia’s Market at the time of writing this post. The Minstrel shoulders that I used are available at the Ox-clan merchant camp and share their appearance with the other two Rise of Isengard Minstrel sets as well as the purple Lore-master and Rune-keeper shoulders available there as well. If you don’t have access to the Treasure Hunter’s Pack, some good alternatives are the Finely-stitched Backpack (crafted –tailor T3/Spring festival Blue Gift Box), or the Day Pack, available for purchase at all outfitters.

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4 Responses to Adventurous Took-lad

  1. Lilikate says:

    I love your posts! Another great outfit….That is a very fine tunic.

  2. gloredh says:

    I never thought that the hat and leggings would look good on a hobbit, but dyed black give him a more refined look and especially the hat makes his face look cute, Tooks know how to look fancy even in the wild 😉

    • Great to hear that the “fancy gentleman” look I was going for came through. A gentlehobbit should always look respectable even when on scandalous adventures! 😉 Thanks so much for your kind comment as always Gloredh.

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