Warrior-hero of Forochel

Enduring the cold of the Enemy

During the Spring of Arda, that unfathomably ancient time before the awakening of the Children of Ilúvatar and before the rising of the Sun and the Moon, the Valar laboured to order the world and they built two great lamps atop towering spires to bring light to the middle regions of the the land. But Melkor strove ever to undo the works of the Valar and built a vast fortress in the far north, where the light from the lamps could scarce be seen, and it was called Utumno. The land about the fortress was defiled and blighted and frozen by a bitter cold and it was from Utumno that Melkor began to spread his influence amongst the newly-awakened Elves. To spare the Elves from Melkor’s evil, the Valar assailed Utumno and Melkor was defeated and chained. The pits of Utumno were laid bare, but the far north remained in the grip of unending winter. These rime-bound lands became known as Dor Daidelos, the region of everlasting cold. Later still, after the final defeat of Melkor and the drowning of Beleriand, the unnatural cold continued to linger in the Northern Waste, which was all that remained of Dor Daidelos and included the lands of Forodwaith and Forochel. Even throughout the Third Age did the cold persist: a lasting testament to Melkor’s evil which permeates the very essence of Arda Marred.

Hero of Northland

This man is a warrior-hero of the Lossoth, the snow-men who dwell on the shores of the vast Icebay on the northwestern shores of Middle-earth in the waning days of the Third Age. His folk are the last vestige of the Forodwaith, Men who dwelt in the northern lands in previous ages of the world, and who were hardy indeed to live amidst the bitter cold that blasted forth from Morgoth’s realm. This hardiness has endured in the Lossoth, for they are retiring and isolated, and their land remains rimy and harsh, though the world now is changed and Morgoth thrust out of it. As a hero of his folk, our warrior is gained in the skills needed to survive the harsh climes of Forochel, a seasoned warrior, hunter, and tracker. He is clad in a fur-trimmed mail shirt and armed with a mighty spear, for now that the warmer months have come, he questing in search of terrible icy spirits, ancient evils that served the Enemy in ancient days. Their fell voices can still be heard on the wind, in the crash of the waves of the Icebay, and falling from the snow-laden storm clouds above. What glory would be accorded the hero to challenge those grim spirits and claim victory!

A hunter's mantle

My apologies for missing last week’s post, everyone! Thanks for checking in to see what’s new. I’m back, and we’ve been having some warmer weather in my neck of the woods, so I thought it would be nice to take a trip the cooler climes of Middle-earth for this week’s outfit. It was also a good chance to experiment with a piece from the new cold-weather themed Wildermore cosmetic sets.

The northern land of Dor Daidelos (and its Third Age remnants Forodwaith and Forochel), with its lingering, unnatural cold, is highly reminiscent of the land of Pohjola from Finnish mythology and the Finnish national epic, Kalevala, which was an important source of inspiration for Tolkien in the making of his own mythology. Like Forodwaith, Pohjola can be translated into English as “Northland”, and like Dor Daidelos, Pohjola is a land of permanent and ominously evil winter. The heroes of Kaleva are drawn to Pohjola to do great deeds, recover magic artifacts, woo wives, and do battle with Louhi, the evil witch who rules that land — all of which no doubt sound familiar to LOTRO players whose characters have braved the ice and snow of Forochel!

In search of ancient evil

  • Shoulders: Westfold Campaign Shoulder Pads (crafted — tailor T7), sea blue
  • Back: Cloak of Mammutti (purchased — Sûri-kylä Lossoth reward vendor/Lossoth reputation), sea blue
  • Chest: Wildermore Survivor’s Medium Breastplate (bartered — Forlaw People of Wildermore quartermaster/People of Wildermore reputation), turquoise
  • Hands: Calenard War Gauntlets (crafted — armourer T7), sea blue
  • Legs: Ceremonial Leijona Leggings (crafted — tailor T5/Lossoth reputation), umber
  • Feet: Westfold War Boots (crafted — armourer T7), turquoise

Tips: The Cloak of Mammutti is available once you have reached kindred status with the Lossoth of Forochel. You can purchase it from the Lossoth rewards vendor inside the great lodge in Sûri-kylä. The Wildermore Survivor’s Medium Breastplate is available once you have reached kindred status with the People of Wildermore, and is available from the faction rewards vendor in Forlaw. You can obtain the Leijona Leggings recipe from the Lossoth reward vendor in Sûri-kylä when you reach kindred status with the Lossoth.

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7 Responses to Warrior-hero of Forochel

  1. gloredh says:

    the Wildermore chest piece looks good dyed turquoise, it matches well the cloak and boots 🙂 also I like the lore you chose for this post, the building of Utumno and the marring of the lands during their Spring are an “obscure” part of Tolkien legendarium that is always nice to explore 😀

    • Thanks Gloredh! I was trying to go for a balanced range of sea blue/green shades since the way the chest piece dyes prevents it from being a perfect match. Hopefully it all looks well-blended as a whole. I really like the chest piece but I’m sort of confused why they made it short-sleeved, haha! 😛

      Glad you enjoyed the lore too, I was really struck by the similarities between Dor Daidelos and Pohjola. 😀

  2. cennwyn says:

    Love the chest piece, but am really put off by the Wildermore grind (not so much for cosmetics as for recipes and other “necessities”). Hopefully I’ll be able to motivate myself to do the dailies at some point so I can get this neat upper-body piece!

    • I know what you mean, I actually haven’t bothered with any of the jewels or other stuff from the second faction in Wildermore. I found that just doing the epic and all the quests that I was really close to being kindred with the first faction. I only had to do about three or four repeatables — I just did the wolves outside of Forlaw. 😛 Thanks for your kind comment, as always Cennwyn! 🙂

      • cennwyn says:

        That’s encouraging!

        I do love your Forochel-themed outfits. There’s so much history behind the creation of this landscape that I had never been aware of before!

  3. He looks amazing. Good job!

  4. artphilia says:

    Wonderful outfit! I love your winter styles a lot. ❤

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