Harvestmath Guise Selections

Haunted burrow

With the end of the harvest season comes the onset of winter, and the dark half of the year — but it is also a time for bonfires, feasting, apple-bobbing, and guising! This year’s in-game Harvestmath festival opens tomorrow, 22 October, and runs through 4 November. If you’re planning to visit the Haunted Burrow or attend a festival event on your server in-costume, here are some selected outfits that might make great guises or spark your imagination to come up with something new.

If you’d like even more ideas, I’ve got four new guise outfits coming up over the next two weeks, ranging from the kooky to the spoooooky. They’ll be showing up on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so please stop by and have a look!

Gandalf the Grey Goblin King and Queen of Faërie Lossoth Oliphaunt Ringwraith

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