Crickhollow Winter Carnival

Second Breakfast, a kinship of Crickhollow, is organising a Winter Carnival this Sunday, 15 December at 1300h /servertime, and they have very kindly invited me to help judge the festive outfit contest that will be part of the celebrations! Outfit contest categories include Classiest Ballroom Outfit, Best Winter Attire, and Wildest Holiday Partier, so there’s something for every sense of style. Other events will include music, a play, and drunken backwards racing. My wonderful fellow blogger Gloredh of Wandering Around Arda will also be helping out with the judging, so I invite everyone to don your gay apparel and get into the spirit. Even if you don’t play on Crickhollow server, roll up an alt and join the fun!


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7 Responses to Crickhollow Winter Carnival

  1. Galladhwen says:

    😀 Oh my gosh, this sounds so exciting! I don’t play on Crickethollow, but I’ll definitely roll a new toon and join you! Really, really looking forward to this event!

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