Improvements to Find an Outfit, Part 2


Whew! I recently decided that I wanted to make the blog easier to search, and I knew it was time to give some love to the Find an Outfit page. It was a big project (bigger than expected!), but I’ve updated all the tags on the blog and the lists of outfit pieces given in each post.

The tags are now organised in way that I think is more conducive to searching for outfit inspiration. Perhaps you’ve got a specific piece from an armour set in mind that you want to incorporate into an outfit, or maybe you have a certain “look” in mind — a warrior’s outfit, or something with a hood, or an outfit with a quiver for your hunter. Do you insist on only the warmest fur or looks from the realm of Rohan? Maybe you really like red, or chartreuse. No wait, the last one is just me! The new selection of tags should make this type of searching much easier.

Once you’ve found an outfit you like, the next step is finding the pieces. Hopefully that’s become easier, too. Since the beginning of the blog, I’ve always given a list of the components of the outfit, but I felt it was time to standardise them and bring them up to date (a lot of items have changed names since November 2011!). I’ve changed the lists so that, in general, the easiest method of obtaining a piece is given. Since not everybody crafts, has guild access, or runs instances, often the easiest way to get any particular piece is by bartering marks and medallions, doing quests, or bartering reputation tokens. Fortunately the majority of pieces are available in several different ways, so chances are you’ll be able to get a piece one way or another.

I hope you all enjoy the improved Find an Outfit page. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or comments (or spot any glaring errors). In the meantime, happy outfitting!

— Starry

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6 Responses to Improvements to Find an Outfit, Part 2

  1. tsuhelm says:

    Oh wow…

    And I struggle to simply maintain my blog in order…Have been meaning to go back and clean up my old posts…maybe I feel inspired by this much more intensive approach.

    Great stuff:)

    • Thanks Tsuhelm. 🙂 It was a labour of love — I think! 😛 I have to admit it did make my head spin a bit and more than once I wished I’d never started it! Anyway, glad it’s done and I’m happy with the results. I hope it makes the site more functional and fun for everyone!

  2. This is fantastic! Now it will be so much easier to steal your…I mean, get inspired by your outfits.

  3. gloredh says:

    oh yeah! The new system is very practical and fast to find outfits or even single pieces, you did an awsome work Starry! 😀

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