Harvestmath Guise Selections 2014

Haunted burrow

With the end of the harvest season comes the onset of winter, and the dark half of the year — but it is also a time for bonfires, feasting, apple-bobbing, and guising! This year’s in-game Harvestmath festival opens 21 October, and runs through 2 November. If you’re planning to visit the Haunted Burrow or attend a festival event on your server in-costume, here are some selected outfits that might make great guises or spark your imagination to come up with something new.

Crazed Murderer        Fauxhirrim        Goldberry and Tom Bombadil

Iron Crown Cultist        Little Red Riding Hood        Lossoth Shaman

Mad Baggins        Playdwarf Bunny        Gandalf the Grey

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Haunted burrow

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2 Responses to Harvestmath Guise Selections 2014

  1. Nathrien says:

    It’s great to see your collection of guises in a single, easily accessible place. I remember each and every one from the past couple of years and still look to them for inspiration 🙂

    And I do miss seeing new outfits on your blog!

    • Thanks Nathrien! 🙂

      Unfortunately I’ve not been feeling very inspired to make outfits for a while now. There are some pieces (new and old) that I’m interested in using and I have started working on some new things but I always end up leaving them unfinished lately. 😦 Outfitter’s block I guess! In the meantime I’ve been trying to keep the blog at least semi-active with these selections posts and updating the Lalia’s section in the sidebar. But if/when the inspiration returns, I’ll definitely post the results!

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