Beorning Selections

Beorning selections

“Some say that he is a bear descended from the great and ancient bears of the mountains that lived before the giants came. Others say that he is a man descended from the first men who lived before Smaug or the other dragons came into this part of the world, and before goblins came into the hills out of the North. I cannot say, though I fancy the last is the true tale. He is not the sort of person to ask questions of.”

— Gandalf speaking of Beorn, The Hobbit, “Queer Lodgings”

Six years after the last new classes were added to the game, Beornings have arrived! Last year I speculated about the possibility of a new character class, which I thought would be called Skin-changers, and it’s interesting to look back and see how many of my predictions came to pass (not many!).

If you’re trying out a new Beorning character and looking for some outfitting suggestions, here are some possibilities to inspire your imagination. These were not necessarily created with Beornings in mind, but they all have a wild and rough look that should suit the skin-changers of Wildermore.

Woodman of the East        Warrior-hero of Forochel        Woman of the Woods

Druidess        Haleth the Hunter        Little Beorning

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4 Responses to Beorning Selections

  1. Adrian says:

    Great stuff, thanks for sharing!

  2. dustbunny says:

    Back when they first announced that there would be a new class I remembered your skin-changer article and looked it up again. I wish they would implement some of your other predictions!

    • Hi dustbunny, thanks so much for your comment! When I first started following the reports from beta-testing I was hoping, hoping, hoping that Beornings’ legendary class item would be a bear-hame, maybe even with a visual representation like Rune-keepers’ satchels. It turned out to be a carving of course. I confess to being disappointed. 😛

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