Grim Beorning

The kinfolk and followers of Beorn were implacable foes of evil creatures, having an especial hatred for the Goblins and wild Wargs of the Misty Mountains. In the years of gathering darkness leading up to the War of the Ring the Beornings, led by their chieftain Grimbeorn the Old, kept a vigil on the mountain passes connecting Eriador to Rhovanion, ensuring that they remained open and that no foe came down into the Vales of Anduin, whether on two feet or four.


Word has come to the hall of Grimbeorn that Wargs have been stirring and assailing travellers in the high passes, and he will not suffer their mischief to continue. At Grimbeorn’s behest, one of his trusted thains has ventured high into the snowy passes of the mountains in the failing days of the year. Braving the winter storms to stalk his prey, our Beorning is armed with a great club and clad in warm, fur-lined garb complete with a close-fitting hood and thick gloves. His horn-braced pack contains all that he needs to make his way in the wild, including a supply of the honey-cakes favoured by his people. His bear-hide mantle and boots are trimmed with fearsome claws collected from a great bear that died of natural causes — for bears are revered among the Beornings and they will not harm them. And just like a bear defending its den from scavenging wolves, our Beorning will not rest until the threat of the Wargs is ended. The hunters have become the hunted.

Return to the mountains

This is the first outfit I’ve shared in a long time (too long!). To anyone who’s been patiently awaiting something new on the blog, my apologies. I haven’t been feeling very inspired to outfit this year but naturally I had to try out something for my new Beorning. Since winter is in full swing, at least where I live, a cold-weather outfit seemed the thing to do. It’s always nice to have new warm clothing added to the game, and some of the pieces from the two unique Beorning equipment sets fit the bill nicely. This outfit was also the perfect chance to use these silly bear-foot boots from the Yule festival, which until now I had never put to any good use.

Foe of the Wild Wolves of Wilderland

  • Head: Worn Hood (auto-granted — Beorning male), umber
  • Shoulders: Lesser Memory of the West Shoulder Guards (bartered — Harndirion novices quartermaster/tier 1 difficulty Lore-master armour), black
  • Back: Elk-hunter’s Pack (purchased — LOTRO Store ), white
  • Chest: Wildermore Survivor’s Robe (bartered — Forlaw People of Wildermore quartermaster/People of Wildermore reputation), walnut brown
  • Hands: Oven Mitts (bartered — skirmish camp cosmetics quartermaster/cosmetic items), sienna
  • Feet: Snow-beast Boots (bartered — Winterhome Yule Festival barter vendor/The More the Merrier — tier 3), white

Tips: Each Beorning character starts with a unique set of gear, different for male and female characters. You are rewarded the second set of equipment from the quest “Preparations for Travel” at the conclusion of the starter instance, so if you have a female Beorning, you can get this hood with this appearance then (it is called Radagast’s Hood). The 2014 Yule festival is tentatively scheduled to open on the live servers on 16 December and to run through 15 January.

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16 Responses to Wargbane

  1. Elen says:

    Nice to see your outfits again. Welcome back!

  2. Nathrien says:

    I’m so glad to see a new outfit of yours! Winter is the perfect time of year (whether in LOTRO or elsewhere) to break out all the fuzzy and furry clothing provided for us over the years. I doubt I’ll be getting the Beorning and all those nifty cosmetics, but this outfit feels perfect for that race!

    Well done 🙂

    • I definitely like winter outfitting. There’s something almost soothing about it. So glad you liked the outfit Nathrien! Who knows, maybe the Beorning gear will eventually be added as appearances for the Beorning gear from old instances, and then people would be able to barter for them even they don’t want to buy the Beorning class. It would be a better solution to my mind than the current Burglar/Warden recycling!

  3. Even if it’s only one a year, it’s still amazing! Very furry. That second shot with the bear form shadow is awesome! ❤

    • Thanks so much Hymne! I’m hoping I can get off my butt and get motivated to finish up some of the outfits I’d started and kind of abandoned. Then maybe I can have more than one new outfit posted next year, haha! 😀

  4. gloredh says:

    Amazing the transformation screenie 🙂 And very furry, cozy and fitting winter attire for a beorning hunting in harsh weather!

    • Thanks Gloredh! I loved that screenshot too. I felt like it could almost be an abstract depiction that he has the heart of a bear or that the spirit of the bear is watching over him or something. Almost shamanistic. Cheers! 🙂

  5. Devonna says:

    Yay! A new post from Starry!!! and it’s amazing as usual 🙂

    • Aww, thanks so much Devonna! So glad there are still some people who check here to enjoy a new outfit. It just doesn’t seem right to have the WordPress snowflakes falling on the blog without a winter outfit at the top of the page. 😉

  6. shipwreck says:

    Huzzah! I can’t manage to get back into LOTRO, but I still love your fun, thoughtful posts!

    • Thanks Shipwreck! I’m glad you liked it. I haven’t been LOTROing as much this year either, but I still do log on to follow the story as updates are released, and fiddling around on alts from time to time. The newer areas just don’t have the same feel to me as the older ones.

      • That may change if you allow yourself some time to get into the areas and start the new story lines. The world is still beautiful and the stories quite interesting to follow. True that it’s not the same, but still worth while and If you’re like me, and don’t bother with the (bugged) big battles, or endgame reputation grinds, lotro is still very enjoyable. Who knows, you may get inspired again if you start making outfits 😉

        • Thanks for the encouragement Hymne. 🙂

          I’m actually all done in Central Gondor with my main, and believe it or not I don’t mind running an Epic Battle or two now and again! Some new instances and a raid would be nice in the near future though. The new regions do look pretty, although not as polished since world-builder Drachyn was laid off. 😦 Still, I can’t quite put my finger on what I don’t care for in the new areas. It actually might be that while quest flow is smoother now, it doesn’t let me really get to know the new areas? It’s almost too efficient. Not sure.

  7. Femhem says:

    I love the outfit, but lore-wise, Boernings would not wear fur or leather, even from a bear that died of natural causes, because they are close kin with animals themselves. It would be like a human wearing the skin of another human. Whether or not the animal was murdered is irrelevant to them.

    • Hi Femhem, welcome to the blog and thanks for your comment. I appreciate your point and indeed the bit about the bear having died of natural causes was my concession to that line of thought. However, I have to disagree with some parts of your comment. Here’s why:

      When you say that the Beornings are “close kin to animals” I believe you are conflating Beorn and the Beornings. Beorn might have been akin to bears; the Beornings were not.

      Gandalf says that some believed Beorn to be the descendant of “great and ancient bears of the mountains”, but that he, Gandalf, rather believed Beorn to be “descended from the first men who lived before Smaug or the other dragons came into this part of the world” – this may refer to the Edain. Furthermore, in letter #144, Tolkien says Beorn was definitely a Man, although “no doubt a bit of a magician”.

      Regardless of Beorn’s true heritage, the Beornings were not kin to bears. They were the followers of Beorn – regular Men who were descendants of the Northmen and who came from throughout the Vales of Anduin to take Beorn as their chief. Nor were all the Beornings skin-changers; only the male descendants of Beorn were. At the time of story of The Lord of the Rings, we know that Beorn had a son, Grimbeorn the Old; if Grimbeorn was “old” by that time, then he too must have had at least one son (since we know that Beorn’s line continued), allowing for the possibility of perhaps at least one skin-changer, in addition to Grimbeorn, alive at the time of the story (Beorn was no longer alive). This is the hook that turbine has used to justify a Beorning PC class – a Beorning PC is explicitly Grimbeorn’s child and in theory must be understood to be “the only” adventuring skin-changer.

      In The Hobbit, Gandalf warns Bilbo that Beorn would react with hostility to even the mention of the word “furrier”, so I agree with you that Beorn himself certainly would not adorn himself with fur; and this might extend to those of his direct line as well. Since he also did not hunt wild animals, and thus would have no access to hide for leather, he must have worn garments of wool shorn from the sheep that he kept (and this is confirmed in Hobbit chapter 7). But given the practicalities of living in a Migration Era (“Dark Ages”) milieu, I cannot see that the same would be true of his followers – who were not related to him by blood and would not all have lived at Beorn’s hall – they would rely on raising and hunting animals for food, pelts, and hides as all peoples living in this kind of setting would.

      My text for this outfit specifically doesn’t indicate the Beorning depicted is a skin-changer – just that he is a retainer of Grimbeorn. The mid-transformation screenshot isn’t meant to be skin-changing in action, just symbolic of a special totem-like reverence for bears shown in honour of their leader.

      Hope that helps shed light on my thought process for this outfit. Thanks again for your comment, Femhem.

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