Mount-matching: Honoured Yule-friend

Happy new year and welcome to another new feature here on The Starry Mantle! As announced before Christmas, I’m hoping for the blog to be more active in 2015 which is why I’ve added two new features. The first was “Wardrobe Updates”, and we have already had two installments. Today I’m introducing a feature called “Mount-matching”. In this series, I’ll be revisiting old outfits to show you matching steeds. In some cases, these will be outfitted war-steeds designed to coordinate with the original outfit, and in others, regular riding-steeds that are a good match. Many times these are the steeds that I use on my own characters who wear these outfits. I hope you’ll enjoy!

Onward, to Winterhome!

Honoured Yule-friend was a wintry outfit for a hobbit-lass who’s journeyed to Winterhome to partake in the festivities of the season. Naturally such a journey is tedious on foot, so she has chosen to ride; and she has clad her pony in the merriest tack she could find. One should always make a grand entrance at Yuletide!

Dashing through the snow

Spirits of both mount and rider were high

It looked like fine Yuletide weather

  • Body: Wintry Yule Caparison (bartered — Winter-home Yule festival horse trader/The More the Merrier – Tier 3), sea blue
  • Head: Halter of Thorin’s Hall (purchased — LOTRO Store), violet
  • Saddle: Saddle of Rivendell (purchased — LOTRO Store), default
  • Legs: Light Leggings of the Norcrofts (quest reward — [79] All That Remains), rose
  • Hide: Solid War-steed (auto-granted), sorrel
  • Tail: Braided Flower Tail (purchased — LOTRO Store), sorrel
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2 Responses to Mount-matching: Honoured Yule-friend

  1. gloredh says:

    cute hobbit lass plus adorable war pony *faints from cuteness overload*
    hehe, they look so cheerful in festive attire, the yule caparison is especially bright in sea blue 😀

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