Mount-matching: The Fabulous Belladonna Took

The Fabulous Belladonna Took was a brightly-coloured hobbit-outfit inspired by Bilbo’s famous and unusually adventurous mother. When off on her journeys with Gandalf she will need a suitably spirited steed, arrayed in flamboyant tack, if she hopes to keep up with him!

A lovely day for a ride

Simply the best way to see the country

A spirited steed

If her in-laws could just see her now

  • Body: Light Caparison of the Entwash (quest reward — [80] Patching Friendships), purple
  • Head: Light Halter of the Wold (quest reward — [77] Floodwend Besieged), purple
  • Saddle: Champion’s Saddle (purchased — LOTRO Store)
  • Legs: Wintry Yule Leggings (bartered — Yule Festival Horse Trader/The More the Merrier – Tier 3), purple
  • Accessory: Accessory Bins (purchased — LOTRO Store)
  • Hide: Spotted War-steed (purchased — LOTRO Store), bay
  • Tail: Simple Tail (auto-granted), flaxen chestnut
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8 Responses to Mount-matching: The Fabulous Belladonna Took

  1. gloredh says:

    it is…so… CUTE!!!!! 😀

  2. Harrison Dansie says:

    Nice match! Nice to have you back.

    • Thanks Harrison! I have to admit I’m finding it hard to stay motivated these days, but I don’t want to abandon the blog. I do have a number of outfit ideas I’d like to put together and share… I just have to give myself a kick to get going with them!

      • Harrison Dansie says:

        I suppose inspiration comes in its own time, as some wiseman has probably said. From what I’ve seen and heard, LotRO is starting to draw to a close in its storyline, so maybe when the proverbial waters calm, who knows what you might find?

        • Yes, in terms of plot at least it seems the end is near. I’m hoping for a “cosmetic renaissance” before the end since the styles of Gondor seem such a fertile field. I’d definitely be inspired by some tall, winged helms and lots of black and silver and Byzantine armour styles. But I’m not sure if there are enough development resources these days for a big influx of new cosmetics. Time will tell!

  3. tsuhelm says:

    makes my eyes go all wobbly – that’s a compliment 🙂

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