Outfitting Tips

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LOTRO’s cosmetic outfit system can be a really satisfying side-game or hobby in its own right. Besides making your character look great, a lot of the fun of outfitting is coming up with unexpected combinations of pieces that work beautifully together to give your character a completely unique appearance.

There are several things to consider when outfitting: how can you best organise your wardrobe and minimise the time you spend dealing with storage issues? What are some strategies to use when planning outfits? And finally, once you’ve found a look that you really like, how can you show it off at its best when you share it on the forums or on your own blog?

This short series of guides gives some tips and suggestions that I hope will give you some ideas to make outfitting easier and more enjoyable.

Outfit and wardrome management excerpt

Making outfits excerpt

Outfit screenshots excerpt