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I have tagged posts on this blog so that if you’re looking for inspiration for a certain type of outfit or look, you can find it quickly. There are a few different sets of tags I use. I hope an explanation of these will make it easy to find inspiration as I continue to add new outfits! In addition, since the tag cloud displayed on the main page of The Starry Mantle shows only the most frequently used tags, I have added links to each tag used on this blog. Simply find the type of outfit you’re interested in, and click the tag link to view a list of all outfits with that tag.


Archetype Tags.
Rascal | Sage | Scout | TownspersonTravellerWarrior
These are the tags to look at if you want to find inspiration for a certain archetypal “look”. There are six of these tags: warrior outfits are suggested for battle-ready characters and often feature heavy or medium armour or shields; scout outfits are suggested for characters with a wilderness or outdoorsy feel and often feature medium armour, quivers, or backpacks; rascal outfits are suggested for characters who are tricksters, rogues, trouble-makers, or just kind of humourous or silly and often feature medium or light armour, cloaks, hoods or funny hats; sage outfits are suggested for characters who are scholars, musicians, of high birth, or among the Wise and often feature light armour, robes, or cosmetic items; townsperson outfits are suggested for characters who wear day-to-day clothing, whether poor homespun garb or rich finery, and often feature cosmetic items. Finally, traveller outfits are suggested for characters who are not wearing day-to-day clothing yet are also not necessarily arrayed for battle. They often feature hauberks, robes, or backpacks.

Race and Gender Tags.
Man | Woman | Elf-swain | Elf-maid | Hobbit-lad | Hobbit-lass | Dwarf | Beorning-man
Each post is tagged with the race and gender of the character modelling the outfit: ManWomanElf-swainElf-maidHobbit-ladHobbit-lassDwarf, or Beorning-man. I’m using Elf-swain instead of Elf-sire (as is sometimes used in-game) because I think it’s silly to use Elf-sire and pair it with Elf-maid instead of Elf-dam! Besides, if I ever decide to do several female dwarf outfits, I may wish introduce gender divisions for the Dwarf tag, and I think Dwarf-sire and Dwarf-dam sound pretty good.

Cultural Tags.
Angmarim | Arnor | BeorningBree-land | Dale | Dunlending | Easterling | Edain | Gondor |
Hill-man | Iron Hills | Lindon | Lossoth | Lothlórien | Mirkwood | Númenor |
Ranger | Rivendell | Rohan | Southron | Woodman
Cultural tags indicate that I am trying use the outfit to depict some specific culture of Middle-earth, for example Rohan– or Gondor-inspired looks.

Colour Tags.
Black | Blue | Brown | Gold | Green | Grey | Orange | Pink | Purple | Red | Silver | White | Yellow
These tags do not indicate the various dyes used in the outfit, but rather just the overall colour impression given by the outfit. For example, blue-tagged outfits might actually include pieces with navy dye, Evendim blue dye, Ered Luin blue dye, or even indigo dye; brown-tagged outfits might include pieces with umber dye, sienna dye, rust dye, or even grey or orange dye — and so on.

Class Tags.
Burglar | Captain | Champion | Guardian | Hunter | Lore-master | Minstrel | Rune-keeper | Warden
These tags do not refer to outfits meant for a particular class; rather they indicate that a piece of gear specific to a certain class was used in the outfit. For example, an outfit using the Jacket of the Great Bow would be tagged Hunter.

Armour Set Tags.
For a full list of tags, please see the sidebar to the right.
Pieces from armour sets are highly cherished items and are so useful for outfitting. These are the tags to check if you have any beloved set pieces in your vault that you’d like to use. Outfits have been tagged to indicate if they feature pieces from any of the game’s many armour and cosmetics sets. Every attempt has been made to include tags for armour sets that have the same appearance but are named differently. For example, if an outfit includes, say the Gloves of the Mighty Verse, it will be tagged with both Armour of the Mighty Verse and Rhymer’s Armour. Apologies for the sheer amount of tags in the sidebar, but these are just the ones I’ve used on this blog, and only a small fraction of what’s in-game! To help you browse the sidebar, the tags are in alphabetical order, and you may find it easier to separate the individual tags by hovering your mouse over them.

Lalia’s Market Tag.
Lalia’s Market
Outfits that are currently or have in the past been featured on a mannequin at Lalia’s Market are marked with this tag.

Seasonal and Event Tags.
Anniversary celebration | Cold weather | Farmer’s Faire | Guise | Harvestmath festival | Lithe festival | Spring festival | Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariner | Treasure hunt | Yule festival

Seasonal and event tags indicate one of two things. First, they show if an outfit uses pieces gained from one of the in-game festivals, such as the Harvestmath festival, or from one of the recurring in-game events, such as the treasure hunt. Second, they indicate if an outfit is meant to be a guise — sort of a Middle-earth Hallowe’en costume — or if it is a cold weather outfit.

Material Tags.
Cloth | Fur | Leather | Mail
These tags indicate what the material the outfit seems to be made of as a general impression. Cloth outfits are more like regular clothing, whereas leather and mail are more armoured looks. Many outfits have significant elements of fur trim as well.

Accessory Tags.
Backpack | Circlet | Cloak | Dress | Hat | Hauberk | Helm | Hood | Mask | Quiver | Robe | Satchel | Shield | Shirt and trousers | Skirt | Steed | Tunic
Accessory tags indicate the type of garments and other accessories that make up an outfit. Most outfits are made up of a chest-piece and leggings of some sort, but some may feature a one-piece shirt and trousers, a robe (short or long), a dress, a tunic (a one-piece garment that hits above the knee), a hauberk (a one-piece garment that hits at the knee), or skirt-like leggings. You might be looking for an outfit sporting a hat, circletmask, hood or helm — many combine masks with the other types of headwear. Back accessories include cloaks, quivers, and of course backpacks, while satchels are worn at the hip. If your character is a Captain, Guardian, Minstrel, or Warden, you may be looking for a ceremonial look that incorporates a shield. Finally, some outfits are designed with a particular steed in mind.

Crafting Tags.
Tailor: T1 | T2 | T3 | T4 | T5 | T6 | T7 | T8 | T9
Metalsmith: T1 | T2 | T3 | T4 | T5 | T6 | T7 | T8 | T9
These are the tags to check if you want to put your crafting skills to work! Each outfit is tagged to indicate if they include items made by tailors or metalsmiths.

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