Magic Toy-maker

The Dwarves of the Lonely Mountain were famed for their skill at toy-making. At Bilbo’s long-expected party, we are told that

The hobbit-children were so excited that for a while they almost forgot about eating. There were toys the like of which they had never seen before, all beautiful and some obviously magical. Many of them had indeed been ordered a year before, and had come all the way from the Mountain and from Dale, and were of real dwarf-make.

The Lord of the Rings 1:I

Here is a right jolly old Dwarf, a master toy-maker and beloved of children in many lands. He wears a rich wine-red coat and cloak, embroidered in gold thread. His furry boots and warm gloves are the hue of the undying evergreens. A warm red cap with a pom-pom and a warm white mantle complete his festive garb. Perfect for distributing his toys to well-behaved children.

Seasons greetings
and merry Christmas, everyone!

  • Head: Explorer’s Hat (crafted — tailor T4; or looted — world drop/general), red
  • Shoulders: Shoulders of the Westfold (pre-order — Rise of Isengard), default
  • Back: Cloak of the Shining Star (bartered — anniversary event games-master/cosmetic rewards), crimson
  • Chest: Frostbluff Robe of Thanks (quest reward — Yule festival [1] Good Deeds at Yule-time), red
  • Hands: Elven Cotton Gloves (crafted — tailor T3), Rivendell green
  • Feet: Ceremonial Ajokoira Shoes (crafted — tailor T5/Lossoth reputation; or purchased — LOTRO Store), forest green

Tips: If you prefer a look with uniformly white trim, you could replace the Cloak of the Shining Star with the Yule Cloak (Hooded or Hoodless; bartered — Yule festival barter vendor/cosmetic cloaks). Unfortunately, the Shoulders of the Westfold and the cloak do produce some clipping issues, so you may wish to eliminate one or the other if you’re bothered by clipping.

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  1. Fionnuala says:

    That is absolutely perfect!! I adore it.

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