Ruffian Repulser

Ruffian repulser 1

The Company of the Ring set out from Rivendell on December 25, III 3018. They journeyed south, and behind them winter deepened in Eriador. Early in the New Year, there was a heavy snowfall in the Breeland, and ruffians from away South had been lurking in the countryside, full of thievery and mischief. Aided by the treacherous Bill Ferny and Harry Goatleaf, the ruffians took advantage of the winter weather to attack the village of Bree.

Ruffian repulser 2

This young woman has chosen to stand with the menfolk and defend Bree from the ruffians. There were no swords or shields nor any armour to be found in Bree, unless they be relics of very old days before the fall of Norbury of the Kings. But that is ancient history, so the Bree-folk have armed themselves as best they can, with the tools of their daily livelihood: pitchforks and bills and scythes and threshing flails. Our young woman has a stout club and is bundled in clothing against the unusually cold weather. In addition to keeping her warm, she may hope that the thick woolen layers will protect her somewhat from the weapons of the ruffians.

Sadly, five Breelanders were killed that cold January night: three of the Big Folk and two of the Small Folk, remembered as good fellows all. In the end, the ruffians were defeated and driven off to live as outlaws in the wild. But after that, the roads were not safe and travel ceased. The folk of Bree barred their doors at nightfall and whispered that there were now things worse than robbers and wolves about: dark shapes lurking the woods at night, dreadful things that made the blood run cold…

Ruffian repulser 3

It was time for another wintry outfit and the new hooded shoulder pieces from this year’s Yule festival caught my eye. Even though their textures are pretty bare-bones, it’s nice to have some pieces with a new model, and they made me think of something a Breelander might wear when getting bundled up for winter. I hope everyone’s enjoying the festival and getting settled in for a little bit of relaxation over the holiday season!

Ruffian repulser 4

  • Shoulders: Helmed Mantle of the Winter Drifts (bartered — Yule Festival barter vendor), steel blue
  • Back: Fine Dwarf-make Quiver (looted — Anniversary event gift box), burgundy
  • Chest: Snow-dusted Travelling Robe (bartered — Yule Festival barter vendor), burgundy
  • Hands: Warm Yule Mittens (purchased — LOTRO Store), steel blue
  • Feet: Shadow-stalker Boots (bartered — Last Homely House Burglar trader), burgundy

Tips: A ceremonial version of the Shadow-stalker boots are available from the cosmetics vendor at any skirmish camp. This outfit also looks great with the Leijona Cloak, dyed grey.

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5 Responses to Ruffian Repulser

  1. Haffle says:

    Looking good! That shoulder piece turned out nicer than I expected

    • Thanks Haffle! Yeah, it’s not too bad. Texture’s a bit basic, but at least it feels like something a little different. Hopefully once the server transfers are sorted and the new hardware is in place the team will have a little more time to devote to other stuff, including cosmetics. 🙂

  2. Harrison says:

    Ah, more Bree representation! And just in time for the snow season!

  3. Mori says:

    Really nice use of the new cosmetic shoulders! I was having problems thinking of ways to use them in outfits, but this is a nice inspiration 🙂

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