Knight of Dol Amroth

In southern Gondor, on the Bay of Belfalas, was the headland of Dol Amroth, named for the Elf-king of Lórien who of old hurled himself into a storm-surge when his lady Nimrodel failed to join him upon the ship that was to carry them both to the Undying Lands.  In memory of the loss of Amroth, the emblem of the Princes of Dol Amroth ever after was a silver swan-prowed ship upon a field of blue. This was the banner flown by the twenty-second Prince of Dol Amroth, Imrahil, during the War of the Ring, when he and his knights came to the aid of his late sister’s widower, Denethor II. Just prior to the siege of Minas Tirith, Imrahil led his cavalry out of the city gates to repel an attack by Southrons; this cavalry was comprised of the fabled Swan Knights of Dol Amroth.

This man is one of the Swan Knights, seen here in a tranquil garden in Dol Amroth on the eve of departure to beleaguered Minas Tirith. He is arrayed in his full battle armour: a strong breastplate over stout mail, with thick pauldrons and vambraces, all in the silver and blue of Dol Amroth. His helm bears an embossed likeness of proud silver swan’s wings. Finally, his magnificent blue cloak is embroidered with two regal white swans. Some of his armour and garments show an Elvish influence in their design, for the Princes of Dol Amroth are said to have a trace Elvish blood and furthermore are descended from a house of Númenórean Elendili, or Elf-friends.

I’ve always thought the Swan Knights were really intriguing, as is the backstory concerning how a line of Gondorian princes came to have Elvish blood (as commented on by Legolas in The Return of the King). When I finally picked up the helm I used in this outfit, I was so excited because I thought it would be a great basis for a Swan Knight outfit.

  • Head: Reinforced Leather Dunlending Helm (quest reward — Dunland [67] Mean, Old Big Bloodtusk), Evendim blue
  • Shoulders: Shoulder Guards of Might (looted — world drop/general), Evendim blue
  • Back: Cloak of the Ibis (purchased — LOTRO Store), Evendim blue
  • Chest: Smith-klath (looted — Urugarth), Evendim blue
  • Hands: Bear-claws (looted — Carn Dûm/Mordirith), Evendim blue
  • Legs: Elven Steel Leggings (crafted — metalsmith T3; purchased — Rivendell heavy armour vendor; or looted — world drop/general), Evendim blue
  • Feet: Officer’s Boots (crafted — metalsmith T6), Evendim blue

Tips: Helms with the same appearance as the Reinforced Dunlending Leather Helm can be obtained via several quests in Dunland. It can also be obtained as the Rider’s Sturdy Helm (batered — Galtrev, Forthbrond or Grimbold’s Camp Rohirrim quartermaster). The gloves and chest piece in this outfit can also be found as general world drops.

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14 Responses to Knight of Dol Amroth

  1. Moraiwë says:

    Fantastic use of the lore — and of that helm! I picked it up as a quest reward a while back but have only made one real look with it, a very military sort of look for my Warden.

  2. wow, stunning outfit! The blue is very royal and really blends all the pieces together. I can see he is a true swan knight. Very beautiful!

  3. Fionnuala says:

    I think that helm is so interesting, but unfortunately it looks oddly over sized on all my female characters.

  4. Iaksones says:

    For me, reading the backstory suddenly made this outfit go from pretty good looking to amazing

  5. DarkJackal says:

    What a beautiful story! It’s the sort of thing that gives me chills because it is so cool to see the lore come to life!
    Also, I never would have believed how masculine that cloak could look!!

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  7. Artoriusaurus Rex says:

    This is probably my favorite outfit for a man that you’ve ever made. But I was wondering, are there any other Shoulder Guards with that appearance? They seem to be the hardest piece to find.

    • Hello A. Rex and thanks for your kind comment! I admit those shoulders are tough to find, and as far as I know, they are only available as random world drops. I would suggest checking the heavy shoulder section of the auction house frequently, as you might come across these or some other rare-ish heavy shoulder piece that would be a good replacement. Good luck in your search! 😀

  8. monty says:

    Hey Monty here again, I’ve been chasing those gloves for weeks now I’m carndum (Bear-Claws). No such luck yet, is there a trick or anything to getting ol’ Mordirith to let go of them?

    • Hey Monty, unfortunately there’s no trick that I know of. However, if you have some Mithril Coins to spare, you could purchase the “Knight of Dol Amroth” from the mannequins around in-game. It will be available until the end of July. That outfit also comes with a very rare shoulder appearance so it might be worth getting if you don’t feel like grinding Mordy to death.

      Hopefully if there’s a way of getting gloves with the same appearance without spending real money someone will chime in. If you’re into PvP, I do know the medium PvP set coming with Update 16.2 uses the same glove skin but with a slightly different (and dare I say more versatile) dye channel.

      • monty says:

        That’s actually perfect! It’s 25 mithril right? I have 42 laying around from savings haha. I’m all for that! Thanks again! Any idea when you’ll post your next outfit? 🙂

        • Oh good, glad there’s a convenient solution. I’m not too sure about the price — it will tell you when you click on the mannequin.

          I’ve got a couple of outfits floating around in half-finished stages — keep an eye out for a new post next weekend. 😉

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