Wardrobe Update: Silvan Sentry

The Original Outfit: Silvan Sentinel was among the first outfits I shared on the blog. I wanted to create an Elvish look that would give the impression of the more rustic culture of the Silvan Elves (Nandor) as compared to the Grey Elves (Sindar) or the Deep Elves (Noldor). I wanted a lightly-armoured feel, so I chose shoes instead of boots. The short sleeved chest piece was chosen because it fit the lightly-armoured feel and also emphasized one of the central features of the outfit, the interesting greyish-blue colour of the chest piece which matches with parts of the helm.

The Updated Outfit: When this outfit was first published, I was very pleased to receive some positive feedback from my fellow outfit bloggers, but (as is often the case) the star-rating widget tells a different story. Nevertheless, this remains one of my favourite outfits on the blog, and I decided to update it and make it more complete by adding a coordinating quiver. The gloves were swapped out for bracers, which further emphasize the bare arms. At the time that I made the original outfit, the shoes that I used were the only ones in the Elvish style that I had access to, but their bright golden detailing makes them unsuitable. In updating the outfit, though, I wanted to retain the idea of shoes rather than boots, so I experimented with the Dungeon Crawler’s Boots (which are in fact shoes) available from the Burglar Trainer in Ost Galadh. While they have a thin greyish-blue detail that nicely matches the chest and helm, I ultimately felt they were too brown, but not a warm enough brown to coordinate with the other brown elements in the outfit. Instead I opted for the boots seen in the screenshots, but if you like the idea of shoes, the Dungeon Crawler’s Boots are still a very good option.

What do you think? Does this archer-sentry’s updated look hit the bullseye or miss the mark?

Silvan sentry 1

Silvan sentry 2

Silvan sentry 3

Silvan sentry 4

  • Head: Elven Light Helm (purchased — Rivendell light armour vendor; or looted — world drop/general), Rivendell green
  • Shoulders: Tawarwaith Shoulder Pads (crafted — tailor T6/Malledhrim reputation), dark green
  • Back: Fancy Quiver (purchased — Trestlebridge outfit vendor), dark green
  • Chest: Elven Leather Shirt (purchased — Rivendell medium armour vendor; or looted — world drop/general), sienna
  • Hands: Leather Bracers of the Gentle Stag Leather Bracers of the Gentle Stag (quest reward — Dunland [66] The Village Burns), dark green
  • Legs: Tawarwaith Leggings (crafted — tailor T6/Malledhrim reputation), forest green
  • Feet: Golden Host Boots (crafted — tailor T6/Malledhrim reputation), dark green
  • Bow: Bow of Unification (quest reward — epic [6o] Volume 2, Book 7, Chapter 3: Sons of Leaf and Stone)
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11 Responses to Wardrobe Update: Silvan Sentry

  1. It’s always fun to dress some of the old basic pieces with new accessories. And I love the Dunland bracers, I used them in just about every outfit on every character after I first got them.

    • It’s definitely fun to revisit an old favourite and see where new inspiration might take it! This one is really only a minor change but for me this is an oldie but a goodie. Thanks so much for your kind comment Leeann, it’s good to hear from you! 🙂

  2. Harrison Dansie says:

    Ah, the blessings of retrofitting! Like the quiver addition a lot! Can’t wait for more. 🙂

  3. gloredh says:

    the quiver and boots are very nice with the outfit, personally I think with boots looks much better than with shoes 🙂

    • Thank you Gloredh! I’m not sure why I didn’t have the quiver in the original outfit since it is the obvious choice to go with this! Maybe I was concerned about showing off the nice leaf detail on the back of the shoulders. Anyway, I like the boots too, the shoes just weren’t working. 🙂

  4. Nathrien says:

    The original was well before my time with the cosmetic blogging community, so I had never seen it. That being said, if I had to chose between the original and the updated version, I’d have to go with the latter. It feels more complete, all of the pieces being able to relate to each other, both in color and theme. I felt the gold accented shoes in the original was somewhat distracting. Either way, it’s a fun old-world outfit! 😀

    • Thanks Nathrien, I like the updated version better too. Those gold bits on the shoes were definitely not working (and bugging me all these years, haha!). It’s great to see that you’re blogging again when the mood strikes. Best way to do it, I think! 🙂

  5. Fairymore says:

    I often feel I fall into the habit of dying all my pieces the same color to match. When I see your collection I am always fascinated with the color combinations.

    Wonderful improvements by the way, bracers were a definite upgrade.

    • Hi Fairymore, thanks so much for your comment! I definitely like to use different dyes in my outfits to create a harmonious but not necessarily matchy-matchy whole. ‘Course, sometimes you even need to use different dyes to get a closer match because of the different base colours of various pieces. Anyway, glad to hear you liked this updated version, cheers!

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